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Vera becomes a squire for the Iron Hand!

The capital city of the of Rynmere, here is seated the only King in Idalos.

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Postby Vera » Tue Aug 30, 2016 6:25 pm

Saun 18th, 716 - Morning

They smell. They reek. They’re mostly men … the Iron Hand!

The call to arms radiated through the capital falling the death of the queen, rumors flew with the wind and many an able-bodied man suddenly took an interest in patriotic and blind warcraft. Her goal from Labrae was to besmirch the name of the queen … it seemed that the world had other plans, and she’d noticed a paradigm shift of some sort. Things were becoming more tough, and she had to build some mettle … Vera had worked it out, she’d become a squire and spend less time with the Seekers. There would still be time for her career as a Psychologist, but perhaps this was more important … physical skills. Her mind was sharp, her wit the tip of a blade.

When she joined, she was interviewed, identified, and given her status symbol as a citizen of Rynmere now a squire - a white-black tunic that matched her hair, scrunching up her small breasts and leaving her looking almost flat-chested. It was padded, too … it weighed a lot. Just moving around in the thing was taking awhile for her to get used to, and hers was brand new due to the increased production. Many other squires were given used ones, so the one she wore needed to be broken in.

Following an introductory ceremony, Vera was shown her quarters within the barracks … she had on-off days, some days she worked, some days she trained. All she knew, was that she had to learn, to become something entirely different from herself. And still, she stood back while young boys sparred, a wooden dagger from the training rack tucked into her belt. She’d positioned herself next to a shed, leaning against it so few could see her as she watched the men fight. Such things weren’t her forte, this was going to take getting used to.

Her face bore a slightly cowed look, and she practically winced when an older teen with a thick wooden longsword thwacked it against the forehead of his sparring partner. The younger boy was decked to the ground, people rushed over to help, and pull him away from the training area so more could spar. She needed someone closer to her level of experience to feel things out with first … or maybe she should just jump in? In any case, Vera walked right up to the edge of the sparring pits and glanced around at all the bustling males, spotting a solitary female who seemed much too busy.

I never thought being a squire would be so … vibrant.
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Postby Aeon » Wed Aug 31, 2016 2:05 pm

After doing his usual routine of jogging around the city, Aeon went to the training grounds, like every other day, to harness his combat skills. Still, he couldn't match the old colonel, and although Aeon knew that he wouldn't be able to match him anytime soon, he could at least give his best. So he did, over and over again, training in every weapon he found, just so he could one day reach Ryqos' level. The one, most important weapon Ryqos especially told him about, was a bow. If a skyrider needed to learn anything, it was to shoot a bow, or at least a crossbow, so Aeon got to it.

He picked up one of the shortbows used for practicing, as well as a quiver with over a dozen arrows, and walked over to the shooting range, with many targets standing on the opposite side of archers. Aeon had never held a shortbow before. He did hold a longbow, that time Ryqos showed him how to shoot, but this was different. The bow was smaller, which meant it was lighter, so Aeon kept holding upwards. Finally, after his stance was good, in his mind at least, he drew the bow, and it was hard. It took some energy to pull the arrow completely, which Ryqos told him to do, always, and after it was done, Aeon let the arrow loose, and felt the fingers of his right hand hurt. Not trills later, the arrow missed the target completely, but that wasn't going to stop Aeon from trying again.

Again and again, he shot, his fingers hurting more after each shot, burning, near the end, and he managed to hit the target only twice, and barely at that. Archering was hard.. He dropped the bow and the now-empty quiver at the weapons rack, for someone else to ready, as he went back to the original training grounds, in which dozens and dozens of new squires were training. It was so incredible, how many of them signed on, just because they were asked to help out Rynmere. Aeon felt proud, proud of himself, for being there, and proud of his fellow soldiers, for the same reason. Not only men, but women joined too, it must've taken some persuading, because as far as Aeon knew, not many fathers would let their daughters in the military.

He walked around the grounds, holding a wooden sword, for a change, considering there was no need to spar with a blade that could kill. Not many people were actually available for a good sparing match, but finally, Aeon noticed a woman, standing alone, observing. She didn't strike him as the knightly type, but hey, who was he to judge, he originated from farmers and peasants, so he decided to walk up.

"Excuse me, you looking to train or just visiting?", he said, with a wide smile on his face. It was clear she wasn't visiting, considering she was in fact wearing an army tunic, with Andaris' colors. Aeon let the edge of his wooden sword touch the ground, making dirt fly from that single point, as he leaned onto it's handle, the Longsword was in fact rather long.

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[Aeon] Spidersquire, Spidersquire

Postby Kingdom » Thu Sep 15, 2016 4:57 am


Ranged: Shortbow, grip
Ranged: Shortbow, fire

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Comment: I'm disappointed, thus reflected in your points, that you didn't try to turn this into a solo and finish the thread because you had the great start of a training thread here. Still, some ranged knowledge so not all bad!
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