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Mistaken Identity

Postby Tristan Venora » Sun Aug 28, 2016 9:41 am

Quio might have been perplexed and embarrassed, but Tristan was none of those things. The young noble walked with his arm around the other man‘s shoulders as if they were old friends and were really just having a pleasant conversation, and there was nothing to worry about. "Ruq it is then", he remarked nonchalantly as the other man finally introduced himself and frowned a little. "Although I expected the man my double fell in love with to have a more spectacular name, to be honest. Cassander, like our king for example, although he may not be king for very long anymore if Veljorn has his way."

The thought of Veljorn Burhan put a damper on his mood, but not for long. Quio and Hart were just too interesting! In his mind he was already going through all the things he could do if there were two of him, all the pranks he could play, all the bad things he could blame on him! He also really wanted to see the look on Granny Ebony’s face when he confronted her with Hart. Would she admit to having tried to get rid of a Venora bastard? Would she try to justify her actions, claim that it had all been for the family?

The old witch …

"On a ship?" he asked as Quio revealed where Hart had been born which fortunately distracted him from his evil grandmother. "Did my father romance a Biqaj sailor? I like that. Did you know that I wanted to become a pirate when I was a little boy? It seems as if Hart and I have more in common than just our face, although it’s a very nice face of course." As he said that he wondered just how Hart had grown up. Quio had mentioned his family. Had another man raised him then? Did Hart even suspect who he really was?

"But I do", he disagreed as Quio told him that he didn’t really have any business with him. "Hart might be my brother or my cousin. I’d really like to get to know him. Think about what’s in it for you! As the partner of Noah Venora’s son you could be invited to all kinds of fancy events, wear elegant clothes and eat delicious food!"

That was not true. He doubted that Granny Ebony would invite a bastard to anything, and she would also most likely disapprove of two men showing affection, at least in public. But he didn’t know how else he was supposed to make Quio more inclined to listen to him. The man seemed so reluctant, as if he were scared or had something to hide. What was wrong with him?

Didn’t he have any interest in meeting one of the most powerful families of Rynmere?

"Not so fast!" he told him as Quio tried to leave for the second time, but this time the man was unfortunately too fast for him. He gave chase, but lost him soon and eventually stood in the street, alone, confused and very, very determined. He would find Quio again, and he would find Hart, and he would find out what was really going on!

And Quio and Hart wouldn’t be able to do a thing about it!
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Mistaken Identity

Postby Faith » Thu Sep 01, 2016 5:03 pm

Peer Reviewed: Rewards!

Story: 5/5
Collaboration: 5/ 5
Structure: 5/ 5

Velijorn Burhan: A rebel
Velijorn Burhan: Married to Zvezdana
Zvezdana: Your cousin
Zvezdana: Aunt Willow's daughter
Hart: Someone who looks exactly like you
Hart: Could be your evil twin (reviewer's note: maybe it's really his cat!)
Hart: Born on a ship
Hart: Biqaj
Quio: A good kisser.
Quio: Ruq - Hart's boyfriend.
Wine: Makes everything a little bit better
Stealth: Sometimes, hiding makes you obvious
Business Management: people panic buy when war is on the horizon
Acting: being able to fake wind.
Acting: being drunk
Acting: method acting 101
Rhetoric: tell them that you're great, they already know it!
Velijorn: Troops are marching on Andaris
Storytelling: Thinking on your feet can work!
Acting: how to pull off a realistic stumble

Loot: - loss of 3gn from your pouch.
+1 general good deed (helping look for Hart), -1 general bad deed (pretending to be him!)


Story: 5/5
Collaboration: 5/ 5
Structure: 5/ 5

Location: House of Roses
Hart: Always wandering off for trials at a time
Hart: Born on a ship
Hart: Biqaj
Tristan Venora: A noble
Tristan Venora: A sculpter
Tristan Venora: Looks exactly like Hart
Tristan Venora: Likes to pretend to be other people
Tristan Venora: Would like to be a pirate
Alistair Venora: A noble
Alistair Venora: A doctor
Business Management: people panic buy when war is on the horizon
Investigation: Putting together behaviours to determine when something isn't quite right
Etiquette: use of "Lord" as a title
Etiquette: not all nobles are quite how you'd expect them to be.

Hart: says he's possessed by a noble
Hart: says he drank green liquid
Tristan Venora: enjoys a good prank
Tristan Venora: knows an undertaker who's good in bed
Necromantic cats: are they a thing?
Investigation: The devil is in the details
You kissed a noble, and you liked it. His lips tasted like strawberry fake-drink.

Loot: +3gn from Tristan's pouch
Fame:-1 (general bad deed: shoving innocent passers by)

General comments. I absolutely loved reviewing this thread - it was so funny. I really enjoyed the way that you played off each other and just developed a really funny story. I look forward to finding out if Hart is an evil twin, or a cousin. Your use of NPCs was great and I got lost in reading the thread quite a few times - I had to remind myself that I was reviewing, not reading, so thanks!
Story Fantastic story. Funny, poignant in places and a great read.
Structure No problems at all - a pleasure to read.

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PM me if you've got any questions at all!
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