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(Nir'wei) The unlikely duo hunt a stray Jacadon that had been sighted near the city

The capital city of the of Rynmere, here is seated the only King in Idalos.

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[The Grimvale]Stray Of The Pack

Postby Aster » Sat Jul 23, 2016 10:08 am

Blood rushed in Aster's blood and looked over to his band of trappers, hunters, and warriors. "I'll draw him out, I want people..." Aster licked his finger and raised it to the wind. "Downwind, to the right, keep close to the road and take the chains and rope and hold it down. Barris, you've never been too close to Jacadons, but you know a lot about them, right?"

"Uh um... Right! I know a lot about them, but I haven't been close to one yet, I've seen them in the lodge and done a few sketches and such." Barris stammered, Aster was no leader, but he did instill a feeling of seriousness right now.

"Stay with the group and be ready to spring into action with the chains when we reach you." Aster reached for his bow and looked over to Nir'wei. "I don't know much about Jacadons, Nir, Come with me."

Aster looked at Heath and gave a curt nod to the owl. The owl flapped his wings and took to the trees, flying low and leading the two. The rest of the group fell in line with Barris, and the knight led them off to the right, and into the trees, along with heavy chains and clasps.

Heath flew slowly, a brisk pace the two follow, Aster and Heath had a simple code or at least Aster trained Heath well enough, if Heath ever flies back or lands on a tree branch, Aster would stop and start creeping towards his prey.

"Nir, follow my lead, try to keep hidden. We don't have meat to act as lures or bait, so I'll be the bait, Heath will try to slow him down. I need you to distract him if he ever gets too close to me. It wouldn't run away from one person, right? I'll draw his attention by throwing a stone and I'll lead him back to the road where the cage waited."

Heath landed on a branch and turned his head to look at Aster. The hunter motioned to stay quiet and pointed to Nir'wei to a rather thick bush near a large rock. Aster crept down low and moved towards Heath. The Jacadon was down on a lower level of the forest, over a small ledge. Where Aster was creeping, he could drop down and probably attack, but he had no way to climb back up without being eaten by that Jacadon.

A Jacadon could probably jump the ledge. Aster steeled himself and picked up a large smooth stone. He looked to Heath and gave a signal to distract and follow.

Aster threw the stone and it hit the Jacadon squarely on the back. He didn't seem hurt, but taken by surprise. Aster holstered the bow and looked at the Jacadon. He roared and hissed at the Jacadon, and the large reptile replied in kind and scrambled away.

He heard another roar and the Jacadon climbed up the stoney ledge, slower than what Aster expected. This Jacadon looked horrible, scars and arrows stuck out his back and wings were filled with holes. It's leg looked fine, but one could see this Jacadon was limping, he moved slower than a healthy mature Jacadon.

Aster ran hard though, despite the beast's injuries, he kept pace with Aster. The Jacadon paused at it's mouth bloated with hot steamy water. Heath saw this and sounded off panicked hoots and swooped down to rake at the dragon's eyes. It made the dragon pause, but he didn't stop.

Aster heard the hoots and dodged to the side where a large tree. The scalding hot water shot out in a large stream, hitting the tree. Aster held close, but the stream nicked him on his arm, the heat and wetness cut away at the cloth of Aster's clothes, he could see his skin turn red and blister a bit, luckily it was only a graze. The same couldn't be said for the tree though, one strong push and the tree would fall, it would only be a matter of time until the tree fell.
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[The Grimvale]Stray Of The Pack

Postby Faith » Tue Aug 30, 2016 6:54 pm

Peer Reviewed: Rewards!


Story: 4/5
Collaboration: 5/ 5
Structure: 5/ 5

Poppy: A happy worker
Bounty: Wild Jacadon Hunt
Aster: A wild Jacadon hunter
Aster: Quite determined
Heath: Aster's owl
Gaspard: Can't be serious about this bounty?
Gaspard: Is serious about this bounty
Barris Burrowbee: Jacadon expert
Animal Husbandry: Signs of infection
Animal Husbandry: Check in folds of wings, toes, those kind of places
Animal Husbandry: Fungal Rot: Builds up in cold and wet weather
Animal Training: Jacadon Basics
Animal Training: Jacadons are Not Easy To Train
Hunting: Sense of smell is important

Animal Husbandry: How to check for pus build ups
Animal Husbandry: Check adult Volereons every three trials, hatchlings every two
Animal Husbandry: Canenula: Deals with fungal rot if caught early
Hunting: Owls are useful - aerial views

Fame: +1 Good Deed (Helping Poppy), +1 Good Deed (Hunting the Jacadon)


Story: 4/5
Collaboration: 5/ 5
Structure: 5/ 5

Bounty: Wild Jacadon Hunt
Gaspard Vereth: Head handler of Jacadons
Location: Skye Verath Lodge
Nir'Wei: Thinks this is a Very Bad Idea.
Barris Burrowbee: Jacadon expert
Animal Husbandry: Jacadons are Very dangerous
Animal Training: Jacadon Basics
Hunting: Smell is an important sense

Heath: A very useful owl
Animal Husbandry: Wounded animals can be dangerous
Hunting: All senses at once works best

Fame: +1 Good Deed (Hunting the Jacadon)
General comments. I really enjoyed this thread, it's such a shame that it ended abruptly. Unfortunately, for that reason, I've had to dock a point from story. However, that notwithstanding, it was a fascinating read and I loved the interactions between the two pc's. Lots of fun to read. Thanks!
Story an interesting and well conceived story where the pc's played according to their skill levels. Shame it ended to abruptly.
Structure all good no issues.

Please remember to mark this thread as "Reviewed" in the request for review thread.
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PM me if you've got any questions at all!
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