• Memory • [Drakengard] Two Young Men and a Bag of Coins (Caius)

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• Memory • [Drakengard] Two Young Men and a Bag of Coins (Caius)

Postby Torqin » Sat Jan 13, 2018 12:07 pm

Vhalar 11, 706 - Age 15

Torqin walked through the white stone streets of Drakengard, taking time to smile and nod his head at anyone who looked his way or greeted him. It was still morning, around the ninth break or so. It was one of the few full days off work Torqin had, and he almost always spent them visiting his mum here at her shop. He stopped in front of the barrack like structure. It was a long two story hall, with a simple sign over the door, "Lefty's Shields", a name that was always amusing to the young Lotharro. He could smell the furnaces already heating up, and the loud pinging of someone who'd set to work a bit earlier than the rest. He pushed through the doors, greeted by the reception counter with the young blonde human girl, smiling at him, about the same age as him.

"Welcome back Torqin. Your mum's out back, she's got the middle shift on the furnaces today. So... you'll know how she'll be. How ya been? How's your dad?"

He flashed a bright smile back at her, subtly admiring the swell of her chest as she barrelled her way into womanhood, then chuckled, scratching the back of his head, teasing at the close cropped hairs. "I think we all know. As do the neighboring shopkeepers." He stepped forward, and leaned against the desk, looking her in the eyes, "I'm well, we just got a new Oscillus mare in yesterday. Her mane is the same color as yours." He reached out and plucked at one of the long curls playfully, holding it up as if for an example, then letting it drop back down. Standing back up to his full height, taller than most human men, and still growing, he continued, "Dad's doing well. Been really busy, lots of traveling these days it seems. You know how it goes." The young woman flushed a bit crimson, "Yes, I understand. Gotta keep the crown polished, right?"

Torqin nodded, looking around the reception area, an impressive stone stair case off to the left of the desk. The walls were adorned with the masterwork shields the smiths here produced in order to prove themselves true masters. Those shields were never sold, no matter the amount of gold offered. They stayed with the shop until the smith moved on or retired. At that time, the shield is returned to its creator in a ceremony. They also served as advertising to potential customers, showing off the differing individual styles each smith possessed. The upstairs floor was split into two wings. The left hand wing is the shop, where finished shields are displayed and sold. The right hand wing is a training room, where customers who wish to have a custom shield built can be watched by their smith, so the best shield can be made. This training room is lavish, for often times the customers are nobles or high ranking military members.

The ground level floor is two wings, both filled with furnaces and anvils and crafting tables and other tools of the trade. There is also a basement underneath it all, that serves as storage for raw materials and spare tools. But Torqin ignored all of this, "You have a lovely day, Vedanya." He walked around the back of the staircase, and out the simple backdoor into the training yard. There were a few students of the Shield Training school here, working with their masters, and the sound of wood on wood thunked through the air. There weren't any live weapon trainings going on today, the current students all being of lower skill. They used training swords and shields, wood with iron cores, to help build strength and learn the basics.

And there at the back of the yard, was a very angry blonde woman wailing on a training dummy, a proper spear and shield in hand. Yep, mum was in a mood. Torqin already knew what was coming, so he picked up two training shields, a training sword, and a training club, and walked across the yard toward his mother, Amyriah. Before he'd even said anything, Amyriah spun and threw the spear at him. Torqin steeled himself as best he could, but still flinched as it zipped over his shoulder, burying itself into the dirt behind him.

She huffed angrily, and set her shield down. Torqin tossed her the sword and shield, both of which she caught deftly, before launching into a charge at him. Torqin stepped back, not in fear, but rather to brace his stance, holding his shield out in his left hand, his club bouncing lightly at the ready in his right. The woman growled loudly as she did a wild sideways chop at his shield side. Torqin kept his shield raised and stepped into the blow, swinging his club low, hoping to get beneath her guard.

Amyriah's shield came down, knocking it away, before she stepped forward into him, running her shield into his exposed arm and side. He was knocked backwards, but focused on maintaining his footing. He recovered, and settled back into his defensive posture, as his mother was already charging at him, snarling. She swung, stabbed, and battered at Torqin over and over. He stopped some, avoided others, but she still got past his guard whenever she wished. The skill difference was truly apparent to anyone watching.

She slashed low, and Torqin skipped back from it, but it had been a ruse. Amyriah was already charging forward, and rammed her shield heavily into his, with much more force than a woman of her small stature might expected to carry. He was thrown of balance, and was skipping backward on one leg, his other kicked back just to keep from tripping over his own feet. He got his kicked out foot down, and moved forward, to press back. And met no resistance. She'd been expecting it and backed off. His balance thrown forward, he was unable to stop the shield that came in and crashed into the side of his face, throwing him to the ground.

And that's when the day's training ended. That was his mother's rule. "You've gotten much stronger, Little Tiger. But your balance is all over the place. Always keep your feet beneath you, your weight centered. Remember, you're not just guarding yourself, but the ground you stand upon." She tossed down her training weapons, and pulled her son into a hug, her head just at his chest these days. "I'm going to be a bit busy, second shift on the furnaces and all. Would you mind grabbing me some lunch, yourself some too? I doubt I'll get a chance to nip out, and I forgot to cook last night." Torqin just smiled, he knew that meant she'd gone out drinking and passed out. Not an uncommon occurrence for the small woman, she loved her booze.

"Of course mum. Need anything else?"

She shook her head, and squeezed him a bit tighter. Sparring with him, or his father, always put her in a better mood. She never fought him with her spear though. His father said she never raises her spear unless she intends to kill, a trait from their days in Uthaldria. She shooed him off, and he walked inside, to the workshop area. He went over to her locker, all employees had one, fashioned from the stone with wooden shelves and a footlocker. He opened it up and grabbed her coin purse, slipping the pouch into the pocket of his trousers. He nodded at Vedanya on his way out, stepping out into the sunshine with just a hint of glistening sweat on his brow.

He made his way up the street heading toward Smoke Square, where the food vendors would be setting up. As he passed a shop, a woman called to him, "A flower for you young man? I can tell you got someone sweet in your life, why not show her a good time with one of my many pretties." Torqin stopped, looking at the small flower stall. The woman's selection wasn't near as good as the proper shops in Andaris, but he pondered if he should get Vedanya something. He stood there, a bit imposing in his loose white shirt in the morning sun, holding the back of his head nervously. What type of flower would she like? He knew very little about flowers, or how girls perceive them.

"Uh..." was all he managed to get out, getting even more unsure about what to pick.
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