• Location • Andaris Housing Rentals

For those looking for a private place to stay during their time in Andaris, Rynmere.

The capital city of the of Rynmere, here is seated the only King in Idalos.

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• Location • Andaris Housing Rentals

Postby Muse » Thu Jan 11, 2018 2:11 pm



Housing in Andaris is in high demand. Many of the noble and merchant families from across Rynmere own at least one home in the capital of Andaris for political reasons, most of them located in Mid-Town as close to the Crown as possible. Students who choose not to live on Rynmere University's campus, professors, and other dignitaries, visitors, etc. all are vying for the housing market in addition to the everyday local residents of Andaris city. For financial reasons, students tend to live in Low-Town or the very edges of Mid-Town and endure the walk to campus, but many professors are provided some form of housing stipend to live in Mid-Town closer to campus.

Some financially savvy merchants and nobles own property throughout the city but do not live in it, instead choosing to rent it out to others for a nominal cost. Prices tend to vary depending on the quality of the furnishings, the number of rooms, and the Quarter that the house is located in.

All houses are furnished with a bed, table and chairs, a kitchen, and washing basin. You can purchase and provide your own furniture, but no discount is provided. A basic home has one room, moderate furnishings, and can be located in Low-Town or Mid-Town, depending on the pricing options chosen. As the quality of the house increases, so does the quality and amount of the furnishings.

While Low-Town rentals are considerably cheaper, the crime rate in that part of town increases and the frequency of Moseke Knight patrols decreases the deeper one goes into that part of the city.

Low-Town Pricing : 
Number of nights 1+ nights 10+ nights 30+ nights
Price per night 1sn/night 3sn/night 5cn/night

Option Modifier
# of Rooms +x.5/per room (beyond the first)
Poor Quality -x.5
Good Quality +x.5
High Quality +x1

Pricing works as follows:
Total = Base(price/night) x (1 + Mod1 + Mod2 + ... + Modn)
Mid-Town Pricing : 
Number of nights1+ nights10+ nights30+ nights
Price per night1gn/night8sn/night5sn/night

# of Rooms+x.5/per room (beyond the first)
Poor Quality-x.5
Good Quality+x.5
High Quality+x1
Extravagant Quality+x2

Pricing works as follows:
Total = Base(price/night) x (1 + Mod1 + Mod2 + ... + Modn)

House Rentals NPC List
Moderator's Note: Players are welcome to use these NPCs if they're writing about this location.
Deminia Ward : Race: Human
DoB: Ymiden 3, 661 (56 yo)
Title: Matriarch of Andaris Property Rentals
Skills: Business Management: 73, Leadership: 70, Logistics: 53, Negotiation: 45, Politics: 40, Appraisal: 40, Writing: 38, Etiquette: 35, Rhetoric: 30

Deminia Ward is a widow, her husband once a profitable and well-known member of House Ward in the Merchant Houses. She fell in love with Andaris life and bought their first property before they even had any children together, often coming to Andaris with her late husband when he negotiated new trade deals and attended counsel meetings. As their children we're born and grew, Deminia began to purchase property for them around the city, expanding their holdings until she became quite the property scion in Mid-Town as well as in select places in Low-Town. Now the head of a larger network of property owners in town, Deminia manages the private and public housing offered to her from other wealthy folks who feel kind enough to offer their homes for rent in town.

She is soft-spoken but firm. Her leadership style is one of self-empowerment—she gives her employees the freedom to choose their own methods while firmly correcting mistakes. Although of an age that could retire, she loves what she does and is always striving to keep herself educated and aware of the goings-on about the city.

Rental office can be found in the Mid-Town.
Yulnar : Race: Lotharro
DoB: Ashan 176, 679 (38)
Title: Rental "Assistant"
Skills: Unarmed Combat: 50, Intimidation: 48, Persuasion: 40, Investigation: 35, Strength: 20, Stealth: 20, Etiquette: 10

Yulnar is a freed slave, friend of Deminia, and almost 7' of pure muscle. He keeps the property safe. He collects unpaid rent. He makes sure that everything is running smoothly, especially in Low-Town. He isn't above using intimidation to get what is necessary, but he's surprisingly level-headed and easy to talk to, preferring to keep renters in a good relationship with property owners.

Rental office can be found in Mid-Town.
Berip Nji'toraj : Race: Mixed Blood (Half Biqaj)
DoB:Vhalar 31, 685 (32)
Title: Master of Real Estate
Skills: Business Management: 65, Negotiation: 59, Forgery: 35, Writing: 30, Etiquette: 25, Deception: 15

Berip is a short, broad-shouldered half-Biqaj who keeps himself well-groomed, almost meticulous. He has a love of flashy gold jewelry, fancy clothes, and the theatre, though those that know him well enough to know his history know that he came from questionable circumstances in his younger arcs. Once a thief and a forger, Deminia took him in when he was desperate for work and set him on the straight and narrow. Berip now manages all the documents and finances for all the rental properties in Andaris. He's a shrewd negotiator, a stickler for every last coin, and has the fanciest handwriting this side of the Orm'del Sea.

Rental office can be found in Mid-Town.

House Rental Request Form
Post here with your rental request. Please remember to record your expenditure in your ledger for that season.

Code: Select all
[style=width: 540px; background-color: #434343; padding: 30px 30px 30px 30px; margin: auto;  font-size: 1.1em; px; line-height:1.35em; color: #D4D4D4;][googlefont=Lora][align=justify][b]Character Name:[/b] Your name

[b]Rental Location:[/b] Low-Town or Mid-Town

[b]Number of Nights/Price:[/b]
[b]Room Modifiers:[/b] Quality, number of rooms, etc.
[b]Total Cost:[/b] Please record this amount in your ledger.

[b]Additional Comments:[/b] Any additional comments or questions?[/align][/googlefont][/style]

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Additional Credit: Rumour
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Andaris Housing Rentals

Postby Caius Gawyne » Fri Jan 12, 2018 12:32 am

Character Name: Caius Gawyne (+ Darcyanna Venora)

Rental Location: Mid-Town
Number of Nights/Price: 5sn/night (30+ nights)
Room Modifiers: High Quality (x1) with a (Main Room + Kitchen Base) + Bedroom 1 (.5) + Bedroom 2 (.5) + Washroom (.5) + Extra Room (.5)

Total Cost: 5 x (1+2) = 5x3 = 15sn/night

Additional Comments: Caius and Darcy will split rent down the middle in their ledgers per season. Or Caius will just pay it all. LOL. Sssh.

 ! Khymarah wrote:
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Caius Gawyne
Peace. No matter what the price.
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Andaris Housing Rentals

Postby Torqin » Tue Feb 20, 2018 5:17 pm

Character Name: Your name

Rental Location: Low-Town or Mid-Town

Number of Nights/Price: 1gn, 2sn per night x30 Nights in Cylus 718
Room Modifiers: Midtown, 3 rooms, extravagant quality for a total of

Total Cost: 36gn
Additional Comments: Any additional comments or questions?

 ! Muse wrote:
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Andaris Housing Rentals

Postby Doran » Tue Mar 13, 2018 3:04 am

Character Name: Doran

Rental Location: Mid-Town

Number of Nights/Price: 5sn/night (30+ nights)
Room Modifiers: Extravagant quality (x2) + 5 additional rooms (x2.5) = x4.5
Total Cost: 2 gn 2 sn 5 cn /night

Additional Comments: I hope the ambassador of Etzos is allowed to just rent a house instead of buying a luxurious residence for thousands of nels!

 ! Muse wrote:
Sure can. Go on and rent. Why buy if you don't know how long you're gonna stay? Approved. I would venture your rented home in Mid-Town is closer to the Crown due to quality and duties.
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