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• Out of Character • I Swear I Don't Remember a Thing!

Postby Maltruism » Sun Jun 07, 2015 8:51 pm

Mal's Player Review Page

Okay, so sobriety is not my strong suit...

I am Maltruism, as well as the PCs, Linika and Eddrick Brodon. In the case of either of them performing or misperforming some detail that makes you feel compelled to catch my attention, this is the place.

Like all of us here, I am only human, and can only assume that some disturbing gaffe is just around the corner. So, I thought of listing instances of what form this blunder could take, and presenting a preemptive apology, but I found myself running out of room. Then I thought I would select just the most humiliating few, but found it impossible to prioritize.

Perhaps the time that I thought I'd be a tough little punk by playing with a knife. When I ended up throwing it into my own foot, my older brother "consoled" me by informing me that I was the only guy he knew that could throw something at the ground...and miss. :lol:

Or the time that I decided I could do my paper route with the goose neck stripped on my bike, and ended up running myself over. Or before that, when I first learned to ride and shouted back to my brother to watch...and ran into the back of a parked truck. Or way back before I CAN remember, when I supposedly went stomping angrily around the house, demanding to know "Who wet my bed!?"

Yeah, and there's plenty more where they came from. :roll: But hopefully that's enough to make any subsequent issues seem mild by comparison. But mild or not, this is the place to inform me of anything you feel I need to know. Even positive things!! :!:

Okay, so this is me. Admittedly, this picture is several years old now. I have very few photos of myself. This is, of course, because of the tremendous level of modesty that is embodied in this perfect human form.
...either that or no one wants to take my picture...

Please note the equally awesome miniature of "Ash" of Army of Darkness on the table behind me, complete with chainsaw hand.


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I Swear I Don't Remember a Thing!

Postby Kingdom » Mon Apr 11, 2016 7:49 am

Mal you're a seriously funny guy and I love that you started this thread with embarrassing stories about yourself. I too once managed to flip a motorbike when I was a silly, reckless teenager and somehow ended up running myself over. Have also gone over the handlebars more than my fair share, and got the skin over my ankle torn off in a bike chain. Didn't throw a knife into my foot but I almost cut a finger off slicing an apple (god knows how an eight year old gets her hands on a butchers knife and decides that it's the perfect knife for slicing apples!), and shattered my elbow into a hundred pieces showing off on the flying fox. There are many a shameful tale, and even worse, more siblings than anyone needs to remind me of these epic moments of failure (it's no wonder I earned myself the nickname noob or derp at home).

I've been having a read around your city and all of the stuff you did with the sea and I just couldn't go another day without acknowledging how truly creative and talented you are. Your work really helps bring the world of Idalos to life and I am happy to be the first to put that down in writing here! You never fail to amaze with your outstanding range of vocabulary and awesome attention to detail. I'd be honoured to write a thread with you one day (even if you do show me up big time and add to my list of most derpy moments). Never stop writing, you have a real gift!
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I Swear I Don't Remember a Thing!

Postby Kovic » Fri Jan 27, 2017 7:52 pm

Gonna roast your ass, boi. Better get the sauce going!

Let's take it from the top and move our way down, shall we?

As Staff in General

I can't really say I've gotten to know you behind the scenes as much as I've liked. However, I have large ears, and much praise has reached me about you. The opinions of others are important to us, right? That's why this post of yours exists! With what I've heard, I've formed a very positive image of you; a fun man, helpful, and talented. That's a good premise for any man, I'd say. You're not only in charge of a city, but also supervise plots all across Idalos, and supplement it all with a good dose of inspecting the Creating the World subforum. Let's go deeper.

As a Storyteller

Legends are spoken about your moderated threads. I kid you not. A certain redhead Yludih with several Avriel forms, legendary disguise and an active member of the Cauldron (which I will not name in order to respect her privacy LOL) warned us already of how keen your gaze for detail. When you haunt players with their past mistakes and make them pay, I'd like to say that is quite the right approach for a Storyteller to take. However, I can't really speak of all this, for the time we've shared is limited, so I'll abstain from speaking from ignorance... somewhat. :P


I didn't read about Etzos until too late in my stay in Standing Trials. I've yet to read any of the write-ups for magics and such, so not reading on Etzos is not something special in my case. When I finally did, I found the city to be rather... plain, to be honest. It wasn't your words or descriptions what threw me off, but instead the organization and aspect of how all the information was designed. Having come from Rynmere's more or less polished knowledge base, Etzos was rather chaotic and somewhat ugly (I'm sorry!) esthetically speaking. As such, I didn't think much of it.

When I finally dragged Kovic there and really started to poke around the links, I found a well-polished city with plenty of detail and thought behind it. You took the concept of 'freedom' and you did your own thing with it, and Etzos came out. Self-sufficient, free from explicit Immortal worship, and supposedly tolerant with magic. That is basically how Etzos can be summarized - without including a miniature 'but' and a mysterious ellipsis following it.

In my brief stay, I discovered a racist, somewhat isolated population with pure disgust for any religious practices, and even the so glorious and noble government corrupted to the very core. Political rivalry, bribes, underground prisons and a large army started to paint a picture of fascism ruled by a shadow.

Also, I'd like to point how just how complete your locations are. Without going too much off subject, I'd like to say that I've been a moderator in a similar site, and I've designed a few locations myself. Unlike my own, you build big locations with large write-ups, which are quite entertaining to read if I'm being honest. Chuckling over lore pieces is not something I'm used to, and to see such dedication and passion to such small details really inspire me with a lot of respect. That has to count for something.


It's funny how Etzos is meant to be a pampered prison for mages and yet more and more mages keep spawning within it. There must be something that drives people near it, doesn't it?

You're Dr. Frankenstein, and Vuda is your monster. He is the shadow, the puppeteer behind it all, and the target for pretty much anyone that steps within Etzos in one way or the other. In my limited experience with him, I've found Vuda to be an extremely sadistic SOB, yet also an extremly intelligent adversary.

Unlike other rules from around Idalos, which stand high on thrones to be seen by the populace, Vuda keeps to the sides. His power is grand, yes, yet it's hidden from plain sight. One must know the dots and then connect them to form Vuda's image, and really understand where the power lays within Etzos. This secrecy is what makes him so appealing for me, and some other players as well. Others dwell in the shadows as well, and there are no witnesses in the darkness. To overpower Vuda is possible and quite plausible, if not slightly unrealistic considering the amount of manpower he has.

However, the opportunity is there, and it's a free for all. When the boys and I grew roots within Etzos and set sight towards Vuda, we were aware of the risks of it all. Vuda is a worthy enemy, yet secrecy was not only his strength, but also his weakness. It may be the fool's gold, a temptation you planted to lure poor powermongers such as ourselves, yet we're too dumb to see otherwise.

We want to overthrow him, and it just so happens that Vuda brings another point.

As a writer

I can't say I've read anything of Linika or Eddrick, as I rarely read other people's post. However, I've had the amazing opportunity to write with you recently, and from those few posts I've found you to be very dynamic, very detailed, and an overall very talented writer. You don't narrate too much, nor you pack action after action so densely one struggles to follow. Not too formal, but not too casual neither. Instead, you thread in the middle, in the zone of moderation and prudence, and thus closest to perfection.

The first time you stamped a Vuda post in Sickly Sweet, I cannot recall just how much excitement I felt. I'm an easily excitable individual, yes, yet that one post made me go insane! I couldn't even sit down. Instead, I circled around the house like a maniac, smiling and recalling every detail of your lengthy post. You threatened to piss on Tirta's face! You convinced her to willingly lose her pinky just for the giggles! How amazing is that? Furthemore, there is something else I realized after that one post.

You are a dangerous individual.

You don't strike me as the kind of moderator to just sit and roll with your city's players' will. Hell no. I am certain you have a plan, and that you are aware of just how much power you yield. You can bring an entire batallion on soldiers into a thread if you wanted it, and wipe out every character that dwelled your city. Of course, almost all city moderators have that power. However, I think only you would be capable of doing it.

You see, after that 'cutting the pinky' business, I think you've set a dangerous precedent. I'd say a finger is not your stopping point. You're capable of murdering PCs, and I'm most certain you'll do so as the heat continues to build against Vuda. And you know what? That's exactly what we need.

I'm afraid of replying to our threads! I really am. I fear that Kovic will do the wrong move and you'll punish him for it, that you'll cut off his arm and maim him for life. That, however, is not a bad thing. That is exactly the kind of attitude I would expect from a moderator. What, would you hand over Etzos if we asked you nicely? Nah. You would fight for it. There is nothing more exciting than to feel pressured and afraid of exploring the depths of the cave, especially when you know the monster that hides within the dark is not afraid of lashing out.

Sometimes I imagine Etzos as New York, you being a furious King Kong standing at the peak of it all violently thumping at your chest, whilst we, the players, are small paper planes that try to poke you down.

Which brings me to my final point.

Your attitude

All of the above comes from your attitude, the base in which everything else is built. I've found there is a dedicated writer behind it all, a man concerned with the happiness of his players, and a crazy madman that comes up with some ideas I couldn't even dream of. Don't believe me? Look at your inbox, where I'm sure every other player is joyous to have gotten a piece of your mind as much as I have. Take at look at the Etzori Office for Employment thingy too, where you reply to your players and suggest them jobs and places to stay ICly.

It's the small things that matter, at least for me, and all those small things make you a great man, an approachable storyteller, and a pillar for Standing Trials' community.

Rating: 10/10

Only valid if you rock that glorious man-bush.

Thank you for being around. We appreciate you.
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I Swear I Don't Remember a Thing!

Postby Whisper » Wed Mar 01, 2017 4:14 pm

Ino, Mal & Linika...

When I first met you (must be going on 4 years now?) you were just some nice bloke who offered to thread with the new PC in town. I knew how bored of doing poison teaching threads you were but, nonetheless, you humoured me and went through with it anyway. That offering began a journey were, as a player, I fell in love with your writing and wanted all of the threads you could offer me. You had a way of being serious and funny all in one go (something which must com from your real personality I think). When I became staff, I never told you, and you instantly jumped to my mind as the first person I would run a moderated thread for... and the first person I ever planned a mod-bomb for.

And how well it went! You were the perfect victim - with the right amount of both excitement and nervous anticipation for what lay ahead. You even dealt with the wait between the initial "bomb" and the beginning of the thread with a dignity I had never seen before. Writing with you, back then, was a truly awe-inspiring experience.

Funnily enough, few things make me happier than, in hindsight, to have had the chance to bring you here. For you have truly flourished. When everyone else cracked, your rock-like personality stood still, and grounded the rest of us. You argue your point clearly, concisely and, most importantly, calmly, even if you know you will be in the minority. It is perhaps this staunch reliability and consistency which makes me most glad to call you a friend, for I am never in doubt of where I stand with you.

Your writing, too, has grown, as we all have. It was like you had a new lease at RPing - a real chance to truly explore your craft, with the support of a team around you. And your characters continue to be just as strong. I am eternally grateful for your unwavering trust in me, despite the sheer amount of times I have let you down (mostly in my delay in replying and my generally quite terrible way of trying to RP out my plans for you!) You have been my only consistent PC in Viden... I have no idea why you've stuck it out.. maybe you maintain hope like I do! Whatever your reasons, I love you more for it.

And... as we near the millenary of my post count...


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