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Location, Location, Location!
This is a topic that will probably never be truly finished. I will always be adding more.
This is to be in addition to the far more general "City Layout" topic.
I will be adding descriptions of other shops and inns and such as they come to me.
I am also open to ideas. So if you think of something that's missing, please feel free to drop me a PM about it.
Many housing or employment locations provided to players by the "Office of the Citizen's Committee" can be found here.
These are only locations that are within the city proper.
For locations in the Ward Ring, the Outer Perimeter and beyond, see "Outside the Box".
These locations will have a reference to a "Commercial Ring" address designation. Please see that section of the Etzos City Map topic for an explanation of how they work.
"By the Grace of Goods" (General Store / Commercial Ring / 4-8-i-2)
Owner: Grace Borland
Age, Race and Gender: 38-arc-old human female
Skills: Agriculture - 56 / Herbalism - 48 / Persuasion - 42
Business Mgmnt - 50 / Smuggling - 65 / Espionage - 44
Immortal marks: Unknown

That last skill may seem odd for the owner/operator of a general store. And it's true that Grace could list small degrees of many of the skills more specialized vendors focus on. It is necessary for her to know some of just about every kind of product in her store; from shoes to books to small furniture to lamp oil to tanned leather goods to what have you. This variety of knowledge gives her an advantage in cultivating casual trust with her customers.

This is necessary in her counter capacity as a member of the Cauldron cell in Etzos. She gathers information in the form of gossip from women, and flirtation from men; she stores poisons for covert delivery; she smuggles ingredients in and out of the city in the midst of her bundles of goods; she acts as match-maker to set up Cauldron operatives with their intended victims.

But as long as you are just a simple customer with no high-stakes political connections, you need fear no villainy upon entering her store. Since the outer ring has a large open-air market, there is no need for a general store there. You will find "By the Grace of Goods" in the Commercial Ring, located at the address designation, 4-8-i-2.

The store seems smaller inside than it looks like from the outside. But this is only because of the sheer volume of goods for sale inside. They are stacked on the floor, the counter, each other, bulging from shelves, and even hanging from the rafters. Grace has the sense to stack the glassware by the window so the light will still shine through. Most every common sort of item, short of weapons, are available for sale at Grace's. The prices being comparable to prices found in stores all over Idalos.

She makes a point of not competing for specialty goods however, not wanting to create hard feelings with her fellow merchants. As a result, the specialty stores frequently refer customers to her. This practice, and being one of the most likeable people in town, aid her greatly in staying above suspicion when The Cauldron strikes.

"Imp Pressions" (Printing / Commercial Ring / 5-4-o-2)
Owner: Garrett Langley
Age, Race and Gender: 35-arc-old human male
Skills: Carving - 66 / Linguistics - 58 / Negotiation - 32
Business Management - 45 / Printing - 52 / Handwriting - 60
Immortal marks: Unknown

The "state of the art" in printing technology is as much on display as Mr. Langley's artistic flair when one enters "Imp Pressions". Such advanced machinery would never be risked among the vulnerable open market of the city's outer perimeter. It is found instead at the Commercial designation 5-4-o-2.

Also on display, when one arrives at his shop, is his good-natured acceptance of his short stature, as evidenced by the name on the sign. Less obvious is the ground-breaking chemical technique he developed to simplify the work. He still has to perform the initial carving of the commissioned designs for his customers. But borrowing from foundry technique, he now makes a mold of the raised carving, so he can make multiple dies to print from, without having to hand carve all of them.

Using his own brewed-up "pudding", a blend of tree resin and pulverized minerals, this is poured over the top of the original carving, backed up by a thin slat of wood. This assembly is then placed in the molding press to be "cooked". But first, precisely gauged strips of metal are stacked to the sides of the mold, ensuring an exact thickness, as these metal "bearers" prevent the press from squeezing the mold array any thinner.

This assembly is then placed into a forge-like oven to cook the "pudding", which comes out with a texture and stiffness akin to hardwood. He then uses this finished mold, in a similar process, to make rubbery dies with a different blend of tree resins and rendered animal sinew, after powdering the mold with pulverized mica powder to help it release after cooking. The slab of rubbery material is laid over the mold, and both are again placed in the molding press and cooked with a particular set of thickness bearers.

The thickness is calculated to make the resulting dies fit snugly in the rolling press when passed with a sheet of paper. The sheets have usually already been passed through once or twice to imprint decorative borders or designs. Mr. Langley has a keen eye for colors and a steady hand for both drawing and carving.

He also possesses a ready wit and a worldly poise that has made him quite the socialite for someone that would otherwise be snubbed by wealthy merchants as a "defective" individual. His ability to spread mass-produced copies of popular viewpoints, or to spread scathing rebuttals of such, has made him a highly sought-after commodity in both social and political circles, and his support, or lack thereof, is always for sale.

The only faction he consistently supports is the Black Guard, who are every bit as mercenary as he is. This is perhaps the reason why they understand each other so well. No matter who Mr. Langley is currently feeding to the public's opinion, he is always quick with unsolicited praise for the city's "noble watchmen". In return, the guard gives him a heads up if news reaches them of anyone seeking retribution against him for his propaganda.

"MOORE than Tanwood" (Fine Furnishings / Commercial Ring / 4-5-i-5)
Owner: Harrin Moore
Age, Race and Gender: 44-arc-old human male
Skills: Carpentry - 77 / Herbalism (trees)- 48 / Carving - 55
Business Management - 50 / Negotiation - 40 / Leather Working - 37
Immortal marks: Unknown

Following in the footsteps of his Uncle Jolan in Hiladrith, Harrin Moore has brought fine furniture to Etzos. Hearing of so much continued clearing of forestland around Etzos, Mr. Moore saw a logical extension of his uncle's business. So he took up his T-square and his saw, and headed south.

He found that most of the carpentry in practice in Etzos was only the necessary but mundane building of housing. Satisfied that his work would not be competing with this, he set up shop, and quickly made a name for himself. He decided to capitalize on this by changing the name of his business to include his own, and "MOORE than Tanwood" was born.

Despite what the name might indicate, Mr. Moore is perfectly willing to work with common tanwood. And his innovative furnishings with this ready material are both sturdy and affordable. But his real gift is for the more exotic woods, stains and custom ornamentation.

He does much of his own gathering of stock, employing his own expertise in gauging the potential beauty of a given source of lumber. He employs a number of people, including lumberjacks, mill workers, designers, stain blenders, and more. He also has several standing contracts with other professionals for light brassworking, glass blowers, and of course, carters to move his finished items to their destinations.

He would be the first to admit that he has "stolen' a few of his uncle's ideas, like the "dowel seat" and the "nesting chests". But the under-stair storage cabinet, and the elevated baby seat, among other things, are his own creations. Naturally, he is fully capable of the standard furnishings, like bookshelves, dining sets and upholstered Day room sets. He also takes pride in both permanent features like wall-sized library shelving units, spiral staircases and in-home bars, and intentionally mobile units like drink carts and rolling chairs for the injured.

One thing he would not take pride in, however, did he know, is that the loads of wood brought in by his forest and milling crews often conceal smuggled goods. This same crime is also frequently perpetrated by the carters carrying the finished items around town. Unbeknownst to him, The Fence his infiltrated his operation, paying off a few of his workers to see to these details. Naturally, they want to keep this involvement quiet, and share these bribes with those that might otherwise become noisy and troublesome. But when this does not work, there is still the fact that the work of a lumberjack in the wilds of Idalos is very dangerous work; and the timing of such deadly misfortunes often serve to maintain this secrecy.

"Out and About" (Clothing and Fashion / Commercial Ring / 2-1-i-9)
Owner: Hellen Bannister
Age, Race and Gender: 33-arc-old human female
Skills: Sewing - 66 / Cosmetology - 58 / Mathematics - 50
Tailoring - 75 / Business Management - 50 / Socialization - 47
Immortal marks: Unknown

Hellen Bannister is the standard by which other Etzori women are judged, and she knows it. And while there is a considerable degree of envious resentment, she is not as exploitative of this truth as some might anticipate. Gifted with extraordinary beauty, which age has not yet begun to erode, she truly seeks to help other women reach their peak of appearance. But she is not gifted with the most diplomatic of conversational skills; often seeming baffled by the offense she gives when making comments about what her customers can "realistically" hope to achieve by comparison.

The simple fact is, that her comments are generally true. Her complexion is flawless, her hair is almost supernaturally obedient to her whims, her poise and balance are unsurpassed, and she never gains an ounce beyond her ideal. Many wonder if she has the blood of some Immortal flowing in those veins. To her credit, she does not use her beauty to manipulate men, one fact that serves to offset the resentment of most Etzori women, and she would slap the face of any man that would hint otherwise.

She has a perpetual smile that seems unnaturally genuine. The one thing that darkens it is the endless parade of suitors, posing and flexing in attempts to sweep her off her feet with machismo. But she tolerates this, growing ever more skilled in the art of the gentle refusal, knowing it is all part of the trade. She possesses considerable skills in all the society niceties: dancing, singing, etiquette, etc. Yet she is more than just a pretty face, or a trophy-wife-to-be.

She designs almost all her own clothing patterns, and can gauge a flattering size and cut at little more than a glance. She knows much of skin reactions to various herbs and cosmetics, making her advice on skin care very reliable. She built her business from the ground up, it was not inherited. Her head for figures rivals her own figure, and she has never had a season of financial loss. Admittedly, the prices for her outfits and accessories are above average, but not by any greater percentage than their quality is also above average.

Miss Bannister employs people of both genders to serve as her assistants, giving them more and more freedom to work without supervision as their competency allows. For a while, no man would be caught dead working in such an establishment, but her recognized business sense has begun to wear down this social barrier, though there is a long way to go. It is the simple fact that citizens of both genders assume that no male can possibly be any good at such work, that perpetuates the truth of this assumption. But Hellen continues to work against this stereotype.

In recognition of Miss Bannister's established capabilities, and potential for leadership, Lady Jillian Terris has recruited her to be the unofficial face of the Citizen's Committee. As one of the most admired citizens of Etzos, it was only natural. And to those who sneer that it is just a case of women "sticking together", she responds, with a direct look, "Your point?"

"The Steaming Dream" (Bath House / Commercial Ring / 2-2-o-9)
Operated by: Kylauri
Age, Race and Gender: 26-arc-old Aukari female
Skills: Stealth - 45 / Meditation - 50 / Massage - 40
Seduction - 35 / Endurance - 35 / Weapon: Knife - 30
Immortal marks: Unknown

This is the only business located in a housing circle of the Commercial Ring. This is because it allows the use of dried animal dung to be used as the fuel to heat the water tank on the ward side of the wall. The water is then pumped through a tube to the big stone bathhouse inside the curtain wall. Many of those with homes nearby consider the convenience a blessing. Many others consider the smell to offset this benefit. But the smell of the outer crafting zone is already unpleasant on a hot still day. In recognition of this detail, the housing in that section is somewhat cheaper than the rest of the inner city.

A stone structure full of pools of water ought to be one place that the destructive potential of an Aukari can be controlled. This is perhaps the only reason that the young woman, Kylauri, is allowed the degree of semi-freedom that she has been granted. That, and the male penchant for giving attractive young women a break. And while there has been no evidence that Etzos has necessarily been infiltrated by an agent of Faldrun, neither can it be said that the girl's friendly curiosity is not becoming darkened with resentment towards the prejudices of other races.

Kylauri grew up restless in Sirothelle, her curiosity about the wider world getting the better of her day by day. The lessons of distrust toward other races never really took hold in her heart. She felt there was a good degree of blame to be placed on her own people, and thought she could prove that not all Aukari were the zealous destroyers that other races' history claimed.

This optimism lasted as far south as Hiladreth, where she was captured and placed in iron restraints. While not tortured outright, she was questioned relentlessly. Eventually both sides came to see the honesty of the others claim. Hers that she meant no ill-intent, and theirs that they had received nothing BUT ill-intent from all previous Aukari visits. A visit from the Etzori military arm on rotation provided an opportunity for the Hiladreth administration to wash their hands of the delicate situation.

They feared that Aukari zealotry might result in a brand of "traitor" being hung around the girl's neck, and genuinely did not want to see her so punished. But they also knew there was a good chance that other Aukari would come looking for her, and wanted her gone, so they could claim to have never encountered her in the first place. They did not want to antagonize their volatile neighbors to the north.

The Etzori thought she might provide greater insight regarding the attitude and culture of Sirothelle. Kylauri herself felt a cautious but still undeniable curiosity about other cities and peoples, and made no argument about being brought to the city of Etzos. That culture's very resistance to Immortal worship was a genuine draw. She could hardly imagine a place where the days were not strung regularly with demands upon its citizens' devotion.

Her presence in Etzos since then is one of cautious notoriety, many people coming to the bathhouse just to see her. She occasionally gives the patrons a display of flame, and is fortunate enough to have the bliss of immolation offset by her continued curiosity, or she might have burned herself out quickly. But meditation against the impulse to give in to the fire, and the resulting development of resistance to such whims, has added another element to her endurance.

This is perhaps no more evident than in the fact that she has grown to greatly enjoy the water, and has even learned recipes for compounds of oils, scents and powders, to bring increased softness and resistance to blemishes to the skin. She shares these ointments at a small added cost to the customers in the bathhouse.

There is a large communal pool, and several private pools in low-walled booths. There is also a service for having one's clothes washed as you bathe. There are also a few masseuses employed, Kylauri among them. Her looks being sufficient to override the normal reluctance to let an Aukari lay hands on you fresh out of the bath.

All prices are assumed to be per person for 1 break duration.
Private Pool: Fresh Bath - 6sn / 1st reheat - 4sn / 2nd reheat - 2sn
Communal Pool: Morning - 3sn / Afternoon - 2sn / Evening - 1sn
Massage: Public - 1gn / "Private" - 5gn
Ointment Treatment: - 5sn / Bottle of ointment - 2gn

"The Chopping Block" (Butcher / Commercial Ring / 3-8-o-4)
Operated by: Farlin Masterson
Age, Race and Gender: 44-arc-old human male
Skills: Carving (flesh) - 65 / Tanning - 35
Medicine (general anatomy) - 20 / Skinning - 40
Cooking - 35 / Weapon: Cleaver - 51
Immortal marks: Unknown

Figuring it best that those hunters or trappers bringing slain animals into the city NOT pass by the mount training quarter of the city, this business was positioned close to the "Great Pahrn Gate" on the west side. Long inured to the smells of animal slaughter, Mr. Masterson goes about his tasks with a hum and a chop, keeping a bloody beat to his work, skinning, gutting, tanning and cutting.

He is available to those more skilled in the catching of game, and less skilled in processing it afterwards. He has eyes to roll at those who bring in animals that have not been reasonably drained before being lugged into town, thinking it one of the first rules of game hunting to be learned. But he certainly has the hooks and tubs to do it if not.

He does not charge much in the way of nels for his services, choosing instead to retain a percentage of the carcasses. He barters this away to his fellow merchants in a variety of ways. His skinning and tanning often figure into his "take" on the butchering of an animal; his prize, a full skin of something valuable for function or fashion. Likewise the normally undesirable guts. Many dabblers in holistic medicines find uses for such things as organs and bones. Not to mention fortune tellers and makers of odd unguents, tonics and oils.

Hard as it may be to believe, some perfumes have a base oil from a gland or two to be found among the carefully handled entrails in his tubs. Also, the veterinarians have an interest in his work, since the subject undergoes something akin to an autopsy. So it's not unusual to find an individual dressed in medical garb trying to find that perfect spot to see what Mr. Masterson is doing, while not being in his way.

Then there are uses for the sinew, hooves and dewclaws in the fields of fletching and crafting, and any horns are useful in decorative and even mystic crafts. Some self-claimed healers swear by such things as animal horns to cure a variety of things. Masterson considers such things to be idle superstition, but is not so stuffy as to withhold something from someone who has convinced themselves that it will cure them of impotency or something.

As for the remains, when all such concerns have been addressed, Mr. Masterson is pleased to provide free soup bones to "The Kettle, Black" for the benefit of all. But he feels no guilt over packing away a rack of ribs, a rump roast or a few steaks for his trouble.

"The Bedside Manor" (Doctor / Commercial Ring / 4-6-i-7)
Owned by: Druce LaVarro
Age, Race and Gender: 54-arc-old human male
Skills: Medicine - 75 / Brewing - 35
Herbalism - 54 / Poison - 40
Observation - 65 / Storytelling - 51
Immortal marks: Unknown

Doctor LaVarro runs the best medical service in Etzos. Located two commercial corridors south of the Academy, it is there to attend to the needs of all citizens. There are a few other doctors in town, but they do not measure up to Lavarro's expertise. He was in the Army of the Etzori, and gained invaluable knowledge of healing wounds of all kinds. The chart on his wall is ample evidence of how he relates most injuries to wartime experience. Every technique he employs is based on whatever he had success with as the chaos of battle raged around him.

But there is nothing wrong with this approach. If anything, he is a man that is impossible to rattle as he works. And he has seen dramatic maimings of every kind. He conveys a sense that no injury strikes him as anything too serious. At times, distraught friends or relatives will become irate with his disconnected attitude. But usually, his calm is reassuring to his patients and their associates as he sits, seemingly in his own world, checking the wound, ignoring the blood, often humming to himself.

If, on the other hand, the patient and/or associates seem at ease with the situation, and confident in his ability, he will probably begin to regale them with wartime tales of horrific wounds, and draw their attention to some similar injury on the patient for visual aid. Strangely, this almost always sets the patient at ease, as if they can now consider themselves to be on a par with some grizzled veteran survivor of heinous battles, some grim warrior of tavern song and story.

The homey feel of his office is equally comforting. As a skilled herbalist and maker of counter-toxins he has an abode filled with curios and knick-knacks, sitting among shelves and compartments stuffed with jars and bottles of poultices and herbal sachets, floral derivatives and refining gadgetry. This comfort could be offset by the somewhat grim implications of his 'house-call" kit. But it is the state of the art in present-day Idalos.

A door in the back wall opens upon his brewing work area. This is where he processes his herbs and fungi to make antidotes to a variety of toxins, both organic and manufactured. He treats the bites of most any venomous critter, and helps to reduce the symptoms of serious allergic reactions. It is an irony of the medical field that some of his otherwise debilitating toxins serve to reduce these allergenic afflictions.

It was on a campaign under Marshall Webb that he discovered this interaction. There was, of course, some trial-and-error in determining the signs that he had administered sufficient toxin to counteract the allergy symptoms without overdoing it. It cost the lives of some of Webb's troops to arrive at the correct formula. Marshall Webb was far more understanding of the risks of such research than the doctor had expected.

"Skin Deep Crafting" (Leather Works / Commercial Ring / 5-2-o-9)
Owned by: Drenick Laszlow
Age, Race and Gender: 42-arc-old human male
Skills: Leather Working - 71
Business Management - 45
Shoe Making - 44 / Mount: Horse - 60
Tailoring - 65 / Negotiation - 51
Immortal marks: Unknown

Two commercial corridors east of The Citizen's Tower sits Etzos' premier leather works, "Skin Deep". The owner, Drenick Laszlow, believes that leather goods should go beyond merely functional, and be literal works of art.

He crafts all kinds of leather goods, over and above the his line of satchels and bags; selling them not only in his shop, but allowing his employees to set up a booth in the Citizen's Market. Such employees also account for the supply of leather he works with, since Laszlow himself is no hunter, skinner or tanner. His skills lie only in what he can do with materials that have already been cured and tanned. He is always looking for people with either material to sell, or people with those skills to work for him. These jobs are available in either a temporary or permanent capacity.

One skill he does not need to rely on others for is in riding horses. And he has applied his knowledge of the swaying and rolling gait of these animals to the crafting of excellent saddles, bags, barding and tack. His gear is such that riders gain an increased stability in the saddle, borne of exceptional balance and comfort. Citizens of Etzos have come to recognize the stylish "LL", for 'Laszlow Leather', on all manner of gear for most species of mounts. They have likewise come to expect an higher price for these goods.

Citizens of other towns are coming to recognize his name in the manufacture of excellent quality boots and armor now as well. Laszlow's cobbling and tailoring skills, developed slowly at first, are now coming to be known in nearby Hiladrith, and as far away as Argos, where he was born.

The price list will show the cost of clothing items multiplied by their cost to be made of leather. Double that to represent the extra curing and treating to make them armor-worthy. This not only includes hardening and shaping, but interlocking and overlapping flanges and sectioning. Gear for mounts is also available.
Basic Gear : Saddles: 35gn / 50gn / 75gn (adds +2 / +3 / +4 to "Mount" skill while functional)
Saddlebags: 15gn / 23gn / 30gn
Bridle: 7gn / 10gn / 13gn
Reins: 3gn / 5gn / 7gn
Breast Collar: 10gn / 14gn / 18gn
Tack Package (Bridle, Reins & Collar): 15gn / 22gn / 30gn (adds +1 / +2 / +3 as above)
Entire Package: 55gn / 80gn / 115gn
Pads & Cinches: 5gn / 7gn / 10gn (adds +1 / +2 / +3 as above)
Barding (mount armor - leather only) : Faceguard: 8gn / 11gn / 15gn
Neckguard (upper): 12gn / 16gn / 20gn
Neckguard (lower): 10gn / 14gn / 18gn
Neckguard (complete): 18gn / 4gn / 30gn
Rearguard: 35gn / 45gn / 55gn
Sidecoat: 50gn / 65gn / 80gn
Frontguard: 25gn / 35gn / 45gn
Metal Reins (to avoid being cut): 5gn / 7gn / 10gn
Hyx & Slogah gear: x1.5 cost
All Else: x2 cost

"Losten Foundry" (Weapons and Armor / Commercial Ring / 2-8-i-3)
Owned By: Stenn and Vorris Losten
Age, Race and Gender: Twin 52-arc-old human males

Stenn Losten
Skills: Blacksmithing - 81 / Weapon smithing - 72 / Negotiation - 56
Business Management - 45 / Weapon: Sword - 63 / Endurance - 58
Immortal marks: Unknown

Vorris Losten
Skills: Blacksmithing - 84 / Armor smithing - 77 / Tailoring - 65
Shoemaking - 58 / Glove Weaponry - 62 / Weapon: Shield - 56
Immortal marks: Unknown

Two corridors in, and a little north of the Great Parhn Gate, sits 'Losten Foundry', the combination foundry, smith and shop, where the citizens and soldiers of Etzos can find the highest quality fare around.

Established twenty-six arcs prior, the twin brothers 'Losten' set up shop in the remains of a previously failed bakery. Eventually they amassed sufficient wealth to buy out their neighbors and expand to cover all aspects of the smithing field. It was a mutual agreement by the two brothers to divide their talents so each one would specialize in one of the two primary fields of military hardware needs.

Staunch supporters of the Smiths and Mason's Guild, they have withdrawn their talents from the more mundane smithing needs, to give struggling competitors a field to compete in. This is not done in outright arrogance, but rather to build an image of humility to the otherwise stuffy guild, and to be gracious to the common man. Of course, one need only enter their shop to see that they have the best gear in town. But by not flaunting it, they come off as "just folks", in an effort to give public support to their political partners.

They also have a sizable crew, therefore also serving the public by providing a number of jobs. Their standing contract with the army is now being met by underlings, while the brothers concentrate on private requests for the very finest, most durable and ornate equipment to be seen anywhere. Even the non-contract ware shown in the display room is still a definite cut above the mass-produced soldier gear. This is not to say that the army is ill-equipped; far from it. But that gear is simply made to be functional, not impressively ornate, save for those blades made for the Marshalls themselves.

Many of the Black Guard have also graced themselves with Losten arms. Since they have no contract in this regard, they are free to spend their own coin to wield whatever suits them. It is, in fact, one of the requirements of admission into the ranks of the city watch, that recruits be able to provide their own gear. Guard Captain Berritt Segrille himself is outfitted in Losten ware that is second-to-none in both appearance and capability.

Prices run from the "Good" to "Masterwork" range. Special orders require moderation.

"The Flowing Sand" (Glassworks and Sales / Commercial Ring / 4-4-i-8)
Owned By: Kae'Eloon
Age, Race and Gender: 78-arc-old Qi'ora male
Skills: Glass Blowing - 81 / Sculpting - 62 / Meditation - 56
Pottery - 45 / Business Management - 63 / Mining - 38
Immortal marks: Unknown

While this may sound like a distant exotic beach, it is really the name of Etzos' finest glassware shop. Located two corridors south of the Etzori Academy, it is the place to find the best glass items in town. It's true that there are glass items to be found in the 'Citizen's Market', or 'The Grace of Goods'; but the one has only low-grade, non-Qi'ora made items, and the other gets their retail goods from this very shop. So, many feel it is best to go to the source for their glassware, especially since "Grace" is on pretty much the opposite side of town.

One does not generally see the master glass craftsman, Kae'Loon, when entering the shop. One would have to go through the back door into the workshop for that. But this is not allowed. And while the assistant and shopkeeper, Tralen Hardel, is no craftsman, he is experienced as a bouncer. The pay was just better here than at the tavern. And any items broken in the process of removing argumentative customers are paid for from their pockets. He seems somewhat slow and soft when seated, but when he stands and looms over you, his presence takes on a threatening feel that cows most belligerency.

But he is a jolly fellow at heart, preferring not to spread broken glass around his work area. It is crowded enough as it is, with pricey items of all kinds. There are time-glasses of all durations, up to and including full-break loads. There are decorative glass bulbs hanging from the ceiling, which double as prismatic sunlight catchers, oil lamps, wind chimes or flutes, and any number of other delightful functions. And there is a virtual curtain of strung glass beads that dazzles the eye as it looks to see through to the shelves of beautiful vases, flasks, carafes and pitchers behind it. This all in addition to the usual jars, bowls, glasses, paperweights, oil lamps, trays and such. He also takes great pride in his purely decorative artworks, including his trademark glass fruit.

But one type of item not out where it can be seen, and possibly stolen, is Kae'Loon's pride and joy, the "Far-seer", or as less poetic individuals call it, a 'spyglass'. The fashioning, hardening, condensing and grinding of lenses is a craft fully dependent on absolute perfection of glassworking. And while there are other sources of these remarkable implements, there is no one in Etzos that can craft one that comes close to Kae'loon's, in either magnification or undistorted vision. Perhaps in some other town, one could find a Qi'ora glassblower that could craft one which would perform as well. But chances are, you'd have to cross the Main and visit Nashaki to do it.

He has learned a great deal about the effects of certain minerals and oxides on the coloring of his glass, sometimes blending these minerals before shaping the bubble, sometimes adding them in swirls and sprinkles afterwards. This expertise has ingratiated him with the Stone Cutters Guild, which is the patron guild of most Etzori miners. Their collaborations often allow the finding of mineral tendencies based on surface appearance, which in turn frequently allow successful educated guesses as to where lodes of precious minerals and stones may be.

Prices not found on the general price list can be found via PM. Otherwise figure them to be half-again the cost for purely functional items, and doubled for art crafts. These are for status display, and are assumed to put the glass wares of "lesser" citizens to shame.

"Smarter Charts" (Land Maps, Sea Charts / Commercial Ring / 3-6-o-9)
Owner: Zefleran Folorie
Age, Race and Gender: 88-arc-old eidisi male
Skills: Cartography - 86 / Handwriting - 68 / Navigation - 72
Seafaring - 50 / Leadership - 65 / Politics - 44
Immortal marks: Unknown

Two corridors in from the Great Parhn Gate, turn right through the backup portcullis security gate, and pass the first opening, and on your left you will find 'Smarter Charts', the place to go to find maps of all sorts. There are displays of city maps, land maps, and sea charts of both local and distant areas, separated for easy access by the less-learned assistants usually manning the counter; humans, for the most part.

There is, perhaps, a surprisingly large workforce maintaining the stock of goods in this establishment. But many of them are out and about in Idalos, tracking down the very information found on the beautifully rendered depictions of the lands, seas and cities of Idalos. The rest are at work, transferring measurements of altitude, land spans, water depths, and temperature averages onto drawings of forests, mountains and plains, all split by rivers and spotted by lakes. It takes quite some time to render such miniature perfection onto a scroll or canvas.

It is probably, then, not surprising that a firmly middle-aged eidisi is the driving force behind this craft. As a member of a race renowned for their pursuit of knowledge, Zefleran Folorie has found his niche in the world, and is tireless in his accumulation of its details. He is a remarkably well-traveled individual, having visited numerous sites on every continent, and charted the features of all of them and more, either personally or by proxy. Many of these trips have been quests to verify the truth of information he has gained from others, needing to be sure of their accuracy. For he would not see his name adorning a chart that was less than reliable. And while it's true that some of his maps are not detailed to extremes, what levels of detail are present may be trusted to be correct. Prices are understandably reduced for less detailed charts.

There is an ulterior motive, however, for this attention to detail. This goes hand-in-hand with what appears to be a surprisingly forgiving attitude towards his employees when they make a mistake. Naturally, he makes notes on what is incorrect so that the proper details can be applied. But he saves all these first drafts to take with him when he departs on some quest of cartography. He has connections in several foreign cities, to whom he delivers these rough charts, so that they can be taken back to Viden and collated with the library of information there.

Folorie sees this as his duty to his people. Such knowledge of a potentially enemy stronghold, and its outlying topography, could be an important strategic aid, should hostilities arise. He is also somewhat motivated by his need to make some sort of defiant gesture against Etzos' policy of suppressing Immortal worship. In this, he has the support of 'The Old Guard', the Etzori political faction which strives to lessen the constraints of this policy. The Old Guard, however, does not realize that Folorie was given this task by the leaders of Viden themselves. Nor have they noticed the minor detail that maps of Viden, and its environs, are not among those maps found on 'Smarter Charts' shelves.

City Maps:
  • Light detail: Etzos - 5gn / Hiladrith - 8gn / Argos or Ne'Haer - 15gn
    • Uthaldria or Melrath - 20gn / Sirothelle, Rhakros, Ivorian or Desnind - 30gn
    • Strosdyn, Volanta, Yaralon, Nashaki or Athart - 40gn
    • Rharne, Cahryst, Korlasir, Quacia or Niomyr - 50gn
  • Moderate detail: - add 10gn (Etzos and Hiladrith - only add 5gn)
  • High detail: - add 20gn (Etzos, Hiladrith, Argos and Ne'Haer - only add 10gn)
Land Charts: (All prices for moderate detail, add 50% for high detail)
  • 500 sq. mile maps: Within 700 miles of Etzos - 10gn (mapped by Etzori military)
  • Western continent - 30gn / Eastern - 40gn / Southern - 50gn
  • Extreme far north or south, difficult terrain or universally hostile cultures unavailable.
Sea Charts: (All prices for moderate detail, add 50% for high detail)
  • 500-mile continental coastline charts: West - 20gn / East - 30gn / South - 40gn
  • Small Gulf or Bay: West - 24gn / East - 32gn / South - 40gn
  • Large Gulf or Bay: West - 32gn / East 40gn / South - 48gn
Island Charts: (Detail costs still apply)
  • Large islands use "Land Chart" or "Coastline" charts as appropriate.
  • Island chains use "Large Bay" costs for 500 sq. mile sections.
Globes: 12-inch diameter w/stand - 60gn / 20-inch diam. w/stand - 100gn

*Sales of maps with details giving strategic advantage against modded cities require that mod's permission.

"Inn for Dinner" (Rooms to Rent - Tavern / Commercial Ring / 4-7-i-7)
This is most likely one of the first places the "Admission Officers" (call them 'guards') at the Great Parhn Gates will give new arrivals directions to. It only makes sense that accommodations for food, drink and rest will be a primary concern for travelers fresh from the wilds. There is temporary stabling as well, but the term "temporary" is strongly emphasized, as Etzos' formal stables is a massive affair, taking up most of the southeast quarter of the 'Ward Ring'.

New arrivals are given two days to rest up, before being expected to arrange for their mounts to be stabled there. Of course, visiting dignitaries and their entourages are given an exception to this policy, for the sake of convenience and diplomacy. The Black Guard also is given clearance, for the sake of quick muster against civil unrest. But other than for them, mounts are frowned upon within the curtain wall of the city, as no one ever seems to take responsibility to fully clean up after their own.

It is rarely a cause for actual prosecution, however, since such clean-up is a common penalty given to those that are working off a "debt sentence" to the city. But citizens can and will take notes of who leaves what lying in the streets, and The Black Guard does hold grudges when such janitorial duties fall to them.

The 'Inn for Dinner' is owned by a biqaji couple named Sej'lehna, who greatly value a positive, volunteer attitude in their customers, extending price breaks for such things as providing entertainment during the day, new recipes to try out, whitewashing the exterior of the building, running errands and turning the crank to operate the overhead fan on hot days. A series of belts and gears make a refreshingly cool draft possible with a bit of hand cranking, and everyone appreciates those that work to provide it.

Between the two of them, Mah'ludre and Velvessa provide expert level talent in everything associated with running an Inn, including Velvessa's sultry dance numbers when no other stage show has been arranged. This is often performed in only her work apron, and she is not above allowing a glimpse of the fine features beneath when she feels her coin purse grow heavier. Mah'ludre makes no complaint, knowing full well that Velvessa can enforce the 'eyes only' aspect of such displays, with the knife in her boot. The local brothels can usually tell when such dances have occurred at the Inn for Dinner, by the increase in their clientele shortly thereafter.

The prices are a bit above average at The Inn for Dinner, but other than long-term prices for a room, some sort of compromise can be worked out if nels are short. The room prices are for the simple rooms, with just the basic accommodations. But they kept clean and pleasant smelling, and the furnishings, while simple, are well-maintained. There are more luxurious rooms also, with carpeting, potted plants, broader beds with finer materials, elevated views with screening, additional storage and actual in-room baths. They are double the listed cost. Prices for food and drink do not vary.

Rooms: 1 night - 1gn / 5 nights - 4.5gn / 10 nights - 8gn / 30 nights - 22gn / 1 season - 80gn
Meals: Breakfast - 5sn / Supper - 8sn
  • Juice or Cider: glass - 2sn / bottle - 7sn / Spiced or spiked - x2
  • Mead or Ale: glass - 2sn / bottle - 6sn / jug - 2gn
  • Wine: glass - 3sn / bottle 1gn / jug - 5gn
  • Liquor: shot - 3sn / glass - 7sn / bottle - 8gn
Cheese or Fruit Tray: single person - 5sn / Table - 2gn
Bread w/butter:
  • Dinner Bread: Slice - free / 1/2 loaf - 1sn / full loaf - 2sn
  • Garlic Spiced: Slice - 5cn / 1/2 loaf - 3sn / full loaf - 5sn
  • Sweet Spiced: slice - 1sn / 1/2 loaf - 5sn / full loaf - 1gn
  • Cake: Slice - 2sn / 1/2 Cake - 1gn / full cake - 2gn

"Water Huts" (Public Water Supply / various locations - Commercial Ring)
The Etzos Underground level is home to the city reservoir. Diverted from the Southwood River, a flow of water keeps the reservoir full and fresh, with hoists sending barrels or buckets of water up shafts cut to the surface level. The Towers of The Citadel each have their own lifts to provide them water without the lines in which the average citizens occasionally have to wait.

The Diversion channel starts at the Mill, heavily guarded, reinforced and screened with bars to prevent infiltration, and ends at the natural depression below the city, which was expanded, sealed and reinforced when the construction of Etzos first began. Soldiers stationed to The Underground, criminals trying to cooperate with pre-arranged lenient sentences, or just regular Joes trying to gain some favor up top, man the hoists at all times to bring the vessels of water to the surface.

For those not living or working in The Citadel, water is available at "Water Huts" throughout the city. Located in The Commercial Circle, these small, but stout stone huts have water available for most any use, commercial or private. A select few businesses have paid a premium to add a shaft for their own private service. For everyone else, there are two huts per commercial ring; each at opposite ends of the city, alternating North-South, and East-West with each ring.

Each hut has a guard station abutting the actual well house. The well itself is not accessible to anyone outside the guard station. The guards take turns retrieving buckets of water for citizens that line up outside. Citizens are required to bring their own buckets, but there are spares available for situations inspiring leniency.

"Canvas Corner" (Tent Vendor / Commercial Ring / 2-5-i-11)
Just inside the South Gate, through the first gap in the walls into the first commercial ring, to the left through the defense portcullis and several units on the left stands a throwback to the adventurous lifestyle of tent living. Canvas Corner has stood here offering the finest in tent quality and variety for the last ten arcs or more.

Ro'Lain Nargolla learned his trade craft in Rynmere, seeing to the needs of the lower caste citizens that could not afford housing within the grand walls of Andaris; settling for the relative protection of close proximity to the citadel. By the time he'd developed the high level of quality that his customers enjoy, the human had spent the last 15 arcs traveling the coastal cities of Eastern Idalos.

He'd been given enough warning, while in Nashaki, to avoid Athart. So backtracking to Yaralon, he provided many military tents to the various mercenary groups that gather there. Having trained a number of tent makers there to maintain the supply, he eventually found ship to Ivorian, repeating the process there for a good portion of the Ithecal army. He then passed on to the western continent. By that time he was nearing 40 arcs of age.

This milestone was achieved at around the same time as his arrival in Etzos. The army's supplies were established well enough to have no need of his skills in tent crafting. So he embarked on the creation of a more citizen-oriented inventory. Now at 50 arcs of age, he still makes the iconic pup tents seen in military camps the world over. But he has added multiple styles and purposes to his line, including conical, single-and-double-bell, marquee, straight-walled and pavilion styles of all shapes, sizes and colors.

This is all complemented by the additional availability of insect netting, awnings and vents, as well supplementary goods like extra taut lines, stakes, eyelets and fittings. He will do repair jobs and customizing on demand, which includes inner partitions, dying, waterproofing and whatever extra siding a customer could wish.

  • Simple wedge style: 1 man - 6gn / 2-man - 10gn / 4-man - 18gn
  • Conical style: 2 man - 15gn / 4 man - 25gn
  • Walled Conical style: 4 man - 30gn / 6 man - 45gn
  • Marquee style: 2 man - 20gn / 4 man - 37gn / 6 man - 55gn / 8 man - 72gn
  • Double Bell style: 2 man - 25gn / 4 man - 45gn / 6 man - 70gn / Banquet - 120gn
  • Square Walled style: 4 man - 35gn / 6 man - 53gn / 8 man - 70gn
  • Pavilion style: 10'x10' - 40gn / add'l 5' lengths in either direction - add 15gn
  • Insect Netting:

    • w/tent - add 3gn per man
    • tent sized cone - 5gn per man
    • walls for Pavilion style tents - 15gn per 10' length
    • Additional Features:
      • Awning: small - 5gn / large - 10gn / w/siding - add x.5
      • Top Vent: small - 5gn / large - 8gn
      • Dyed panels or emblems or embroidery - varies

"Etzos Museum of Art and History" (Pillar of Society)

Description The Museum of Art and History in Etzos is one of the few public places within the Pillar of Society. Even then, it is not exactly welcoming to those of a certain financial instability. With polished marble floors and countless priceless artifacts it caters to a certain echelon of society despite being open to the public. The first floor and entry level houses a wealth of artwork and sculpture from across Idalos, though an emphasis is made upon the works of anti-Immortal artists such as Ellena Parhn, wife of the old High Marshal Cadamire Parhn. The second floor is a tribute to the past conquests of Etzos as well as the natural history section, housing a number of exhibits displaying war relics of both defeated enemies and celebrated heroes as well as many skeletons of fantastical beasts and mummies from around the world. The third floor houses a variety of other treasures and exhibits that do not readily fit either of the first or second floor themes. There is also a door that only the Curators have access to that leads to the substantial underground wealth of treasures not on display... But only Head Curator Tabard and his employees ever go down there.

The vast halls and rooms of the museum are designed to be daunting. Tabard greets any patron with a measure of politeness and offers a tour, though most likely he will not give it personally. He can be seen flitting in and out of his first floor office or else moving amongst the exhibits alone or with some high official of High Marshal Parhn. The museum is a popular attraction amongst the wealthy or the influential, since it is rare to see commoners enjoying the art. It is occasionally the host of small, very affluent parties and gatherings. No matter who you are, you are likely to learn much in within it's halls.

Floor 1:
Exhibit 1A: A selection of famous landscapes painted by Ellena Parhn, wife to Cadamire Parhn. They depict the city of Etzos during her time and represent one of the cultural treasures of the people.

Exhibit 1B: The sculptures of Edramin Thalkan, an arguably insane sculptor who depicted the deaths of many Immortals in his gory and graphic marble and clay renditions. Most of his work is in Etzos, though some were sold to Rynmere in his later years to feed Thalkan's addictions.

Floor 2:
Exhibit 2A: An arrangement of armor and weaponry from the past ages of Etzos conquest and their respective defeated enemies. This display spans many generations and shows the evolution of Etzori military might.

Exhibit 2B: The skeletons of many animals arranged in a representation of their natural habitats. This Exhibit is one of the largest and has many copper plates giving a brief description of each skeleton.

Exhibit 2C: A 'cultures of death' Exhibit displaying the various ways different cultures preserve their dead. This exhibit houses many mummies are sarcophagi as well as the relics and weaponry buried with them.

Floor 3:
Exhibit 3A: 'Treasures of the Arcane' is an exhibit of many tools used by those who practice magic as well as horrific depictions of Overstepping. This exhibit focuses on the dangers of magic and the dark ends often met by those who practice it.

Name: Perceval Tabard
Job: Head Curator of the Etzori Museum of Art and History
Race: Human
Age: 55 Arcs
Skills: Research - 85, Appraisal - 80, Deception - 80, History - 75, Teaching - 65, Logistics - 60, Etiquette - 40, Writing - 40

Appearance: A tall, thin man, Perceval Tabard is the Head Curator of the Museum of Art and History and had been for nearly fifteen Arcs. He is well groomed and even his age seems only to add to the aura of intelligence he gives off. Smooth skin and long nimble fingers attested to the life of a scholar. His voice is is almost monotonous though he is capable of charm and charisma when it suits him. His grey hair is kept short and he sports a short grey beard as well. Piercing blue eyes seem to assess all that comes under his gaze. Tabard wears fine robes, usually of muted shades of black, grey, brown, or olive.

Personality: Head Curator Tabard is not a modest man. He often leads tours of the Museum of Art and History so as to showcase his knowledge and intelligence. He prides himself on the rich history and wealth of artifacts of the Museum and will endure no misbehavior within its walls. Though he often gives tours of the Museum's exhibits, it is rumored that he is loath to part with many of the secrets housed within, keeping a vast majority of the artifacts out of sight of all but the most influential and privileged in Etzos. He views the halls of the Museum as his domain and reacts badly to those who inquire after what lies below the three exhibit floors.

He will often drop a remark to those he rebukes, however, that a worthy donation would make him more willing to elaborate on those subjects, and may even include an unscheduled additional leg of his tour to include those exhibits.

OOC: More exhibits can be added as new ideas, from players and staff alike, are put forward.
If something would greatly advance a plot, do not hesitate to ask your Etzos mod if it might possibly be found here.
Credit: Neronin, with just a bit of input from yours truly.

"Finders Seekers" (Guides and Odd Jobs / The Underground)
Title: Finders Seekers
Owner: Karla Kingston
Age, Race and Gender: 37 Arcs, Biqaj, Female.
Skills: Navigation: 50/ Stealth: 65 / Business Management: 40 / Detection: 40 / Running: 30
Immortal marks: Unknown

It stands to reason that even the denizens of the Underground occasionally need to find things, and when their desired item is something beyond their reach, they often turn to Karla Kingston. Having moved into the Underground as a young girl, Kingston has effectively memorized many of the routes and passages of the twisting and winding tunnels, and has an acute knowledge of where to find many of the storehouses and stockpiles of both the surface businesses, the Underground ones, and the Tower itself.

Morally bankrupt enough not to mind helping in thievery, but not quite bad enough to actually want to take things for herself; though that’s more of a not-wanting-to-be-caught mentality than a moral one, Kingston will offer to guide prospective customers to their desired objects in return for either a portion of the stolen good, or about 1/3 of its value, though customers have been known to rob Karla by stating that the value of something is far less than it truly is, and as long as she gets paid, Kingston is liable to let it slide.

Naturally, she doesn’t run the entire business alone, but instead relies on a small gang of miscreants and ne’er-do-wells, typically children or young adults from the local orphanages or from shoddy backgrounds. Karla treats these like something of an extended family, teaching them how best to safely navigate the tunnels in exchange for their services, and she has even been known to feed and house those young ones who truly require it.

Karla Kingston and the Finders Seekers can be found quite easily, typically hanging around near the entrances to the Underground, trying to look inconspicuous, or perhaps even maneuvering around the dark tunnels in search of new hidden secrets. Whatever you seek, they’ll lead you there.
There are locations within the underground that Karla knows to be off-limits to such strangers. She will lead them to the last point where their safety can be more or less guaranteed, give them what directions she can, and advise them of the danger of continuing on.

Credit: Noth, with just a bit of additional material.

"The Shadeblade Gang" (Loan Sharks and "Laundry" / The Underground)
Taking their name from the shadowy form of their leader and the blade-like fingernails that often accompany it, The Shadeblades were founded by the notoriously violent and ruthless Madam Hessia, a Naerikk mercenary and assassin who sought bigger profits from laundering gold through various third party businesses in the Underground of Etzos.

It is a largely overlooked hazard that a single coin can be marked to allow the tracking of an illicit payment. By replacing such payments with an equal amount from their ill-gotten stockpile - minus 10% - the Shades relieve the contract of the worry of this possible investigative backlash, while also giving themselves time to more carefully scrutinize the payload for such aspects.

If such a mark is found, it also gives them the option of seeing it placed in the coffers of a rival or enemy, to bring scandal and litigation down upon their heads instead.

Her gang consist of men and women of all races and a common dark tendency towards violence. They prowl the dark depths deep in the Underground, the territory in which they hold sway. Whilst they protect their business investments, they’re also careful that none of those under their thumb don’t go ratting them out to rival gangs. The Underground real estate is a violent game for the gangs who manage to carve out a bit to themselves.

Madam Hessia
Blades, Shortsword: 75
Leadership: 70
Intimidation: 65
Business Management: 60
Stealth: 50
Unarmed Combat: 45.

Madam Hessia looks to be about 40, but none know her real age. She wears her black hair long and free and has tattoos spiraling down her face and arms, red as blood. She carries a pair of black shortswords and looks to know how to use them. Bedecked in a motley set of leather armor over a knee length black dress she strikes an imposing image.

Bludgeons, Club: 65
Intimidation: 60
Strength: 55
Mathematics: 50

Bhor is a huge man, and one of the right hand lieutenants to Madam Hessia. He has a scar on his lip and wears his head shaved. A black dagger tattoo stands out on the right side of his neck, the mark of his allegiance. Bhor is something of a tax collector in the Shadeblade Gang’s territory. He goes around demanding the ‘protection money’ from the various businesses that live there. Many an unpleasant object lesson has been learned by those that assume such a big muscle-head as Bhor can't possibly have a good head for figures, and try to cheat on the percentage.

Attunement: 85
Rupturing: 65
Alchemy: 77
Chemistry: 60
Meditation: 90

Vadrassar is the lead mage among the ranks of the Shadeblade Gang. His two primary duties to the gang are to use his two "A" skills to detect any signs of traceable elements in a payload, and to ensure a swift shortcut to the site of any needed responses. He was instrumental in gaining favor with Chief Adviser Vuda, when the administrator's arcanum was sacked of powerful magical items during the shadow attacks of 716. A few found their way into the hands of the Gang, and Vadrassar immediately detected Vuda's frequency upon them. He was then able to track many of those still missing and see them returned. As a result, the Tower is strangely beset by "tendencies" to lose evidence and botch investigations where the Shadeblade gang is concerned.

Credit: Neronin, with some tampering by yours truly.
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