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The stronghold of education and learning, this fortress, in one of the coldest areas of Idalos, houses many who seek to enhance their knowledge and expertise in any number of disciplines. Unknown to most, however, below the public areas of the city, suffering for the sake of science is common. All are welcomed, though some who arrive are not treated as they might expect.

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• PM To Join • A Little Surprise (Leeloo)

Postby Maebella » Tue May 15, 2018 5:13 pm


15th Ashan 718

Maebella was glad to be back from Scalvoris. It wasn't that she'd disliked what she'd seen of the island but simply that it hadn't been home. It was an odd thing in truth but she had believed that she'd be thrilled to finally see more of the world, a greater variety of culture and language. Alas, her ability to enjoy it had been limited, Virikai's presence had left her feeling tethered. Perhaps it was due to the fact that he had sprung more than one surprise upon her in a relatively short number of trials. If she'd felt that she had warning, had time to process and feel that she had choice then it might have been all right but instead, he had made her move in with him and had then chosen to take a trip through the Portals. It had been a number of new experiences but she was glad to return to familiar ground and familiar habits. Once more, she had some freedom and independence and so she had chosen to make herself scarce, to escape the Fortress and return to her old student accommodations to see Gara.

When she arrived at the familiar door, it was strange to knock rather than fishing out a key and simply opening it herself. She wasn't even sure that the Ellune would be present and if she was not, it would be the height of awkwardness; the young woman had never gotten on with her other housemates that well, despite knowing them for longer.

When the door was pulled aside, the taller woman stood there, face splitting into a joyful smile at the sight of her fellow scholar and friend.

"Maebella! You are back!" she cooed delightedly, her voice soft as always, the gentle child of Treid feeling little need to raise her voice to an excessive degree.

The Eídisi smiled crookedly. "How very well observed," she teased as she stepped through into the familiar hallway and made her way to the kitchen without any conscious thought; it was simply habit. "How has Viden been in my absence? Anything of interest occur? Any exciting breakthroughs in your studies and research?" she questioned, partly out of politeness and partly out of genuine curiosity.

By this time, she had arrived at the kitchen table, its surface covered in various books and papers from Gara's work. A page with crude drawings on it caught her eye first, drawing a puzzled frown from her before she saw the doll. Or at least, what she thought was a doll. It had an organic look but that wasn't what clued her in to its living status; as she cast her eyes over it, it moved.

"By Yvithia! What-" she gasped, taking a startled step back, trying to process the unexpected sight, the surprise of the little living thing. It looked like a plant.

Gara laughed musically. "This is what happened while you were away. This is Leeloo, she is Tunawa," the Ellune explained. "I'm trying to teach her Common. She struggles with the sound but look, we try." She leaned low, gestured to herself and said her own name before pointing to the Tunawa, slowly but clearly saying, "My name is Leeloo," so that the little one would have time to copy her.

Maebella simply gaped.
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A Little Surprise (Leeloo)

Postby Leeloo » Wed May 16, 2018 10:58 pm

Leeloo had been 'studying' alongside Gara. Well Gara had been studying and Leeloo had been drawing her portrait at the edge of her paper. Despite the trauma she had gone through recently, she was doing well and adjusting to this new life. Her rescuer Gara was the kindest well.... She wasn't sure what exactly what Gara was. The woman was much taller than any other person the Tunawa had ever seen. She dwarfed even Lyssia's father. Her skin was like snow with grey patches. She may have been unlike any other human in looks, but also in heart. She left food for Leeloo and at night filled a mug with warm water for the small women to soak in it helped keep the cold out of her. Leeloo got the feeling that she genuinely cared about her well being, and Leeloo would always be in debt to the grey woman.

She smiled returning to mimicking Gara's words. Until there was a knock on the door, "Ah! Ga-ra!" She mimicked the knocking noise. Leeloo repeated this a few times, yelling Gara and then the knocking noises on the last one she ended on a dove's coo. The Tunawa quieted down as Gara opened the door and enthusiastically greeted who ever was on the other side. Straining in to hear who the visitor was Leeloo concluded by the sound of the voice it was a female. The temptation to hide was there, but if Gara knew and trusted this woman she would too. She went back to her doodles and began to hum. Gara would introduce her if it was necessary.

A shocked voice made Leeloo jump before slowly looking up to see the woman Gara was so happy to see, "Eh?....Ah!" Looking up Leeloo expected another giant grey woman, perhaps Gara had a sister... But instead stood a woman of frozen blue skin. Was this normal? Was she really really cold? By the looks of her she needed to get warmed up and fast! Turning to Gara, Leeloo pointed at the woman and pretended to shiver, "Brrrrr Ga-Ra!!! BRrrr!"

Gara approached her words soft and kind. Maybe this was normal? Frozen people. Leeloo turned her attention to Gara's words and gestures. She pointed at Gara and loudly exclaimed, "Ga-ra!!" When pointed at she slowly mimicked what Gara said, "My....n-na.. My nam... ees....My nam ees Leeloo?" She looked up and Gara to see if she had said the sentence right. Looking at the gaping frozen woman she pointed to herself," Leeloo! Lee Loo. La Leeloo La! Leeloo La!" She pointed her finger to the new woman seeking her name now, "Brrr?"

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