March 2018 Character of the Month!

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March 2018 Character of the Month!

Postby Jade » Fri Mar 02, 2018 6:40 pm

March 2018 Character of the Month:


The community here at Standing Trials would like to congratulate Neronin on receiving Legend of the Month for March!

Since first joining the site nearly a year ago, Neronin has played an active role in the ongoings and misfortunes surrounding the plots of Etzos. United with his influential and malevolent partner, Noth, Neronin has succeeded in making a name for himself, especially with his ties to Al'Angyryl. Having also gained recognition in the community as a high level, Necromantic Mage, many players and staff hope to see him achieve revelation and become one of the first revealed PC Necromancy Mage in Standing Trials history.

Without further ado, I give you… the interview!


I would just like to say that it is very flattering to even be counted among these great writers and role players. All of their writing is amazing and has helped me grow as a writer and a role player. This is my single dearest hobby, writing on this site, and it is because of all of you and your creative minds! This is the first time I’ve gotten this type of recognition in almost seven years of doing PBP roleplay and it means a lot that you feel my stories are as enjoyable as I feel all of yours are!

Undead hugs for everyone!

1. What gave you the idea for a Necromancer PC like Neronin? Did you pull inspiration from somewhere and what keeps you coming back to write him?

Well, the idea began when I was 12 playing Diablo 2 as the necromancer. I loved having all the minions fight for me while I just went around collecting loot :D I remember thinking ‘wait this guy summons dead people and he is a good guy?’ The idea of moral fluidity through Diablo 2, haha. Also, I read a lot of Poe and Lovecraft, specifically I have a copy of the Necronomicon which I read all the time to remind me what beautiful prose look like. I really like the concept of a character who makes the wrong decisions, a tragic villain dabbling in the sublime that he is too ignorant and too human to understand. Stories like ‘The Case of Charles Dexter Ward’ by Lovecraft really built the theme inside my head. Humans are naturally curious and arrogant beings, and in fantasy settings like ST, that can come back and bite you. Neronin’s story is like that.

2. You’ve caused quite a stir in Etzos. What made you choose to go there and create the plots that Neronin is involved in currently?

I feel so lucky to write in a city where everyone embraces the wild plots that go on there so readily. These people make the place so much fun for me, and I hope to return the favor with my own input. So the big current plots for me are the descent into lichdom, the subjugation of Neronin by Vuda, and the murdering of Gavrel, Neronin’s old master. I always envisioned Neronin as undead from the beginning, and have been working towards the lich status since his creation. Neronin’s main goal is to remain free and unhindered by society and his enemies, and he’s had it too good. So now Vuda has maneuvered to control him, using him as an informant. Finally, Gavrel has been a danger for Neronin since creation. He has come back multiple times to try to kill Neronin. Noth, Kovic, and Neronin sent him packing before but now he’s back. Neronin and Zipper are currently hunting him and his cronies down. I’m very happy with this plot ending right before Neronin achieves Lich. I’ve also got some new plots in mind for the next year that I’m looking forward to implementing.

3. What did you mean for him to be at the start of the game compared to where he is now? Has the idea you originally started him with changed over the course of his plot?

Neronin is -just- getting to where I envisioned him when I made him. I envisioned an undead mage who had made mistakes and bit off more than he could chew. I envisioned a guy who filled the void where his humanity had been with spite and the arcane. He has become more of an anarchist and a murdered than I originally envisioned perhaps, but mostly he is the same. I think this is because the necromancy magic fit so well with my favorite type of character that I haven’t had to divert much. Thanks Plague!

4. What brought you to Standing Trials and what keeps you coming back for more?

Kovic. I knew him before from another site and he was the first person I met on the day I logged into ST chat. I had been feeling like the old site was dying off and wondering where everyone had gone to when I looked on reviews of [REDACTED] and saw a like to ST. There I met Kovic in the chat and immediately recognized him for the writer I had collaborated with before. He was like “Hey buddy, make a PC in Etzos. Maltruism, the mod, used to play [REDACTED] from [REDACTED]!” So I was sold. I looked into the magic page and found the Necromancy page and Neronin was born within a few hours. I also was familiar with Plague’s work on [REDACTED] and was a big fan. I have been so happy with everything on the site ever since then.

As far as keeping me here. I’ve felt its a very healthy environment since joining. There’s a great community of dedicated writers and storytellers. The magic, which is a big part of my own experience here, is so interesting and enables me to play the character I really wanted to. That was something I struggled with on the other site. They made a point of not using classic tropes, so I had to shift my ideas a lot there. Here, it embraces both the classic and player imagination.

5. How did you get started with forum roleplaying and what do you most enjoy about it?

My first creative writing experience was not for roleplay, but for myself. I would just write stories on the side, starting at about the age of ten. My first roleplaying experience was not forum roleplay, it was on a computer game called Neverwinter Nights. Specifically on a roleplay server called Amia. I played a wizard who had a specialization in... necromancy! (Same time as I played Diablo 2) He had a cool subclass called palemaster or something that gave him a bone arm. I played a villain, a simplified version of Neronin. It was fun while it lasted.

Flash forward a few years and I was deployed to Afghanistan. The internet was utterly abysmal. To give you an idea it took about 10 hours to download a 3minute song. One of the easiest things to upload and interact with was text based documents. By then my writing had taken a darker turn, probably because of being there. I stumbled upon [REDACTED] and figured out that people posted written stories and got feedback, leveling a character and stuff. It fascinated me.

So I decided to start a pretty simple street thug on the site and did some stories. It was really weird for me to write collaborations at first. I struggled through it, and ever since I find solos easier. However, I thoroughly enjoy collaborations now, having grown comfortable with the format. Inevitably I abandoned my street thug and went for what I knew, the dark magician archetype!

6. What do you enjoy most about Domain Magic and more specifically, Necromancy?

It is an addiction, a disease, and a superpower. I love the give and take. The concept of the spark struggling for control throughout the whole magical journey is a great plot device. I’ve used it as a sort of foil to a conscience for Neronin.

Necromancy, necromancy, necromancy. Where do I begin. The ST form of the magic is really awesome because it is a crafting magic, a summoning magic, and a bit of combative spells too. What I really like is it’s versatility for plots. It’s not the strongest in combat, when facing something like a master defier Neronin would get spanked probably. However, I have a lot of options for plot device in that magic. Also, as a villain I find the magic attractive for playing with other PCs. If a good guy wants to fight more than a bandit he can come to me and we can do some epic undead slaying plot. If they’re a little more developed I can throw some Gaunts and Giant blights at them or something. If they’re new they can still have fun with a few Marrows or regular Husks. I love how I can dial the magic to the level of my opponent so they still have fun and no one becomes a side-show in thread. My favorite plot would be enabling a protagonist PC to have some truly epic story around my minions, that would be so fun.

Necromancy is also wildly powerful for the more manipulative villain type, which is my goal with Neronin. You can have undead poison wells, you can spy on people via Link, you can animate the dead family of a politician to drive them insane. It’s versatile. The intent to create life while always falling short is a cool concept for me. It seemed to be the most arrogant attempt to grasp at the powers of the Immortals on ST for me, and I love that.

7. Which player characters have had the biggest impact on Neronin’s development so far and what do you foresee happening to him in the future?

Kovic and Noth for the Al’Angyryl plotline which has defined Neronin for a long time. He joined the faction like three weeks after creation and has been a member ever since. They’ve been great collaborative writers who have taught me a lot about Neronin and enabled character growth with their skillful writing. Neronin has adopted this sort of anarchist view since I’ve been writing with them and it wasn’t part of the original plan, but it seemed to fit. These two are diabolical and imaginative, and their presence in Etzos with Neronin have been in my mind when I write him since his creation. For me, they are both main players in Neronin’s story.

Zipper has also been a huge influence. Not only is her writer very skilled and fun to write with, the character is perhaps Neronin’s closest friend. Zipper, for me, represents the witness to Neronin’s humanity and his only real link to the somewhat innocent and victimized child he once was. Kovic and Noth are too monstrous in their own ways to successfully fulfill this plot function, they more represent what he has become. Zipper knew Neronin as a child and their interactions all seem to have bitter nostalgia woven in. I absolutely love the depth this relationship has added to Neronin’s character.

Ryder and Navyri are also an influence, though I haven’t written as much with either of them as of yet. I have deeply enjoyed the few threads I have done with them and am already feeling their influence on Neronin’s character. I am looking forward to many more threads and a growing relationship between PCs!

Gangui, Niv, and Finn, are all PCs who I have either not written with or only sparsely. I love these characters and still think about how their actions influence Neronin. They are a different manifestation of evil in our city so plagued by it, and I can’t wait to write more with them.

Nightshade Eld is our resident goodguy. I’ve done two threads with her, and one was a huge one. The city-wide thread she moderated really ignited the current conflict in Etzos, and the ramifications are still being felt a year later, especially for Neronin. While we haven’t threaded that much together, she has had a big impact, as a writer and a pc.

Finally, Maltruism. I know, I know, he’s not a character. But Etzos has character, and that comes from him. The city is the core influence of Neronin and most of the PCs here, and that comes from Maltruism’s wonderful old-school D&D style and his amazing writing. Thanks for putting up with my 1000s of PM’s man! He’s one of many, many talented Mods here on ST and I single him out here because he has had the most influence over Neronin and my experience here.

8. What does Neronin want most in the world?

Freedom from the restraints of society, then immortality. He sees himself as a victim of society’s naive and ill-informed morality. So, sadly, his ideal achievement is to be outside the influence of society. He’s human and ignorant, so once he actually does descend to undeath he will realize how hollow an existence it is and try to find other ways to distract himself. He’ll regret the loss of his own humanity/mortality and try to find tasks to distract him. This will most likely come in the form of misplaced vengeance upon the privileged of the human world.

9. What is Al’Angyryl and do you have any plans for its development in plot? If so, what are they?

Okay here it is, THE REAL definition and purpose of our Uber Secret Organization - To protect the Immortal of Affection, Vern the Fabulous. Nah, Al’Angyryl was created by Kovic, Noth, and Aerlan to overthrow the corrupt regime in Etzos (Vuda). Neronin was their first recruit and we are just getting to the point where we are making real progress in that front. My plans are to kick up Neronin’s involvement in destabilizing of the regime utilizing all of his magical prowess, but Neronin has recently been brought under the control of Vuda so it’s getting messy. We will be shaking things up even more in Etzos no matter what though.

10. What are Neronin’s opinions on the Immortals? Are there any that he’d like to meet or kill?

Honestly, Neronin doesn’t have strong opinions really. He hates Delroth because he’s met him and he is very arrogant and insulting. He hates the idea of worship. People willingly subjugating themselves to a stronger power seems frightening and vulnerable, and Neronin is afraid of being vulnerable. I would say he has a general disdain of worship and through that, disdain of the Immortals. He wouldn’t mind meeting some more of them though, because he is a curious guy.

11. Would you consider Neronin a protagonist or an antagonist?

For Neronin he is a tragic protagonist who is misunderstood.

For the rest of the world, hardcore antagonist.

He’s had a crap life, abusive parents who sold him to a necromancer. The spark pretty much saved his life and has been ever since initiation. Neronin sees himself as a victim of society’s faults. But where a stronger individual would have overcome and built character, Neronin finds spite. He really is evil because of the way he has handled his challenges.

12. What would you consider to be Neronin’s greatest In Character plot achievement? What do you consider to be his worst?

I would say the whole plot around Gavrel is his greatest achievement. He was just a kid when he met and was initiated by Gavrel. He ended up getting the better of him and freeing himself from him. Then later they fought as equals and now Neronin is fighting him again and standing his ground. I think Neronin is a stronger necromancer than Gavrel because he’s willing to give up more of himself. That’s the worst character flaw in Neronin and his biggest strength as a mage, really. He’s reckless with his own humanity and it gives the spark a lot of room to grow. I’ve brought in Kovic, Noth, and Zipper and it has been great fun. Of course, getting lich will trump even that I think...

13. If you could possess any magical discipline from Idalos and use it in the real world, what would it be and why?

Hmm, this is a hard one. A single magical discipline that I could have in real life... I would have to say Alchemy because I could make all sorts of stuff and I wouldn’t have to deal with mutations haha. It is so open and fun I just think that kind of stuff would be enjoyable even though I shirked most chemistry classes >.> It would be cool to be able to imbue my stuff with magical, self cleaning, self organizing properties. And I’d imbue my iPad with a never-draining battery. Maybe get an auto-refilling mug of coffee.
Necromancy is too weird for reality, also I’m not that morally corrupt in real life, honest!

14. Does Neronin have a theme song or a meme that best describes him? If so, what is it?

-I listen to this sometimes to get into Neronin mode. It’s about being afraid to die and doing the dark deeds to keep death away. So pretty spot on haha. There are others but this is just the first one I thought of, and probably characterizes Neronin’s subconscious pretty well.

Meme: Image

15. Kiss, Marry and Kill: Noth, Kovic and Navyri.
Kiss... Kovic because it would probably be pretty wild, tentacles and stuff. He’s not really a relationship type though. I’ll try anything once.

Marry... Noth because he’s a solid family man and I know he’d take care of me. Only if the diamond is big enough though. :P

Kill... Navyri in self defense because she was trying to kill me because I already tried to kiss her before kissing Kovic.
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March 2018 Character of the Month!

Postby Zipper » Fri Mar 02, 2018 6:47 pm

I'm here, Bae.

Congrats. It's well overdue. I'm so glad I made the decision to sexually harass you OOC to the point that you started loving me IC. Stockholm's a bitch.
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March 2018 Character of the Month!

Postby Pegasus » Fri Mar 02, 2018 6:47 pm

CONGRATULATIONS!!! So very, very well deserved.

Well done, Cuddles! <3
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March 2018 Character of the Month!

Postby Ryder » Fri Mar 02, 2018 6:48 pm


ILY man well done, so well deserved
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March 2018 Character of the Month!

Postby Gangui » Fri Mar 02, 2018 6:56 pm

Huzzah! It is good to see Etzori characters being recognized for their writing.Congradulations! Look forward to seeing more of your influence in the game!
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March 2018 Character of the Month!

Postby Noth » Fri Mar 02, 2018 7:09 pm


Nero, I'm so proud of you. We're gonna throw a big A'A party for you and everything. There'll be candles, and mushrooms, and we'll play Pin the Femur on the Marrow.

So proud.

Credit to Pegasus

As a note: Noth is a Grandmaster in Intimidation. That means that he's at least as scary as the Count from Sesame Street. Beware.

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March 2018 Character of the Month!

Postby Kovic » Fri Mar 02, 2018 7:20 pm

You know, I think we really bonded on that one thread we did in our last site. A wild bushman riding atop the shoulders of a blue hulk because he was terrified of both water and crabs...

I love you man, and I'm happy all these peasants can finally get blinded by your brilliance. We Etzori folks know how amazing it is to write with you, but the rest of ST doesn't know it yet. I've written my fair deal of threads with you, even if they aren't up yet, and I can tell that, yes, it is an experience everyone has to try.

Congratulations, buddy. We'll bone, sooner or later.

PS: I'll make sure to put in a good word with Malt so he doesn't kill you all that slowly. No promises, though. I kinda want you to be a talking head in Vuda's desk. :D
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March 2018 Character of the Month!

Postby Nymph » Sat Mar 03, 2018 11:02 am

Congratulations Neronin. We were all sad when you disappeared on us; mostly Maltruism of course, but he's not the only important one here. It's good to have you and your interesting PC back among us. Congratulations again!
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March 2018 Character of the Month!

Postby Maltruism » Sun Mar 04, 2018 1:08 am

I am so glad to see this finally come around.
There are those on staff that can verify that I have been relentlessly voting for this award for you.
Maybe not while you were gone :( but for quite some time before that.
Anyway, this is hugely deserved, and I'm very flattered to have you mention me. :D
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March 2018 Character of the Month!

Postby Neronin » Mon Mar 05, 2018 12:36 am

Hey guys I just want to say thank you so much for this recognition! Love all you guys.
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