Holiday Event 717 - Patrick

Rising from the stony plateau overlooking the rivers and plains of the western continent, and growing wealthy from the gem stones pulled from this same rocky soil, Etzos is a bastion of independence, eagerly spreading its belief that man should rule Idalos, not be servants of the vain Immortals who nearly destroyed it. But can the different factions set aside their agendas long enough to see this through?

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Holiday Event 717 - Patrick

Postby Nymph » Sat Dec 30, 2017 9:54 pm

Holiday Event Notice
This post was provided to you because you are participating in the holiday event. In this post, you will receive your gift whether you reply to this thread or not. You are welcome to reply to the post to react to your gift if it is a new thread, and it is encouraged; however, skill points will not be awarded for this thread. There will only be one post from Saoire. As a gift, everyone that participated will receive the same knowledges as provided. You are receiving the following:

  • A special session at The Lap of Luxury for him: a two break long session with two of the master level seduction girls, who are both dressed in their interpretation of Saoire as part of a special christmas scene, and a bottle of Red Aida.

Please contact Nymph once this has been read as there is extra OOC knowledges about these women you will want.

  • Saoire: The Holiday Woman
  • Saoire: The Beauty of a Gift
  • Saoire: Wears Variable Holiday Crowns

Apparently she had left quite the impression last year when she had kissed Patrick on the cheek. His wish list had been simple: her. It was certainly a flattering request, but not one she would be able to live up to. If she spent the evening with one person, a lot of girls and boys would be waking up in the morning only to cry boo hoo hoo. If Patrick wanted to be a furry green gremlin attempting to stop the holiday from coming, he was welcome to try. He simply would not succeed. She could not allow it.

Yet, his desires had been heard and his gift was the closest it could possibly come to the real deal. It seemed that he had stayed in Etzos after attempting to cater to Ymiden's desires. She had watched the Emean tea party and had already visited one of his teammates this season. Instead of delivering him to his destination to fulfill his adult desires, Saoire had drafted a special coupon for his gift. He would be able to cash it in at the Lap of Luxury once he returned to Rharne.

He was sitting before the fireplace, and Saoire couldn't help but tease him. She strode over to him and promptly sat in his lap, running a finger down his cheek. "You flatter me Patrick. Sadly, your gift is in this envelope. I certainly hope you enjoy my substitutes."

This year, she did not kiss him. Saoire could not have him request her next year or she might actually have to accommodate his wish. If he reached up for her, which she suspected he would, Saoire would dissolve herself into golden dust and flutter out of there in her pixie form. Just before she left, she stopped by his ear, whispering, "Maybe next year..."
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