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Rising from the stony plateau overlooking the rivers and plains of the western continent, and growing wealthy from the gem stones pulled from this same rocky soil, Etzos is a bastion of independence, eagerly spreading its belief that man should rule Idalos, not be servants of the vain Immortals who nearly destroyed it. But can the different factions set aside their agendas long enough to see this through?

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Warning: Do not ingest

Postby Kovic » Wed Jun 07, 2017 1:38 pm

The act of choking on his own blood ended promptly. Kovic laid still on the floor at first, a hand holding his neck and putting pressure on the gash, his eyes focused entirely in watching his attacker. He remained like this for a while, even if the bleeding had stopped long ago, and his own blood had been reabsorbed and returned to his organism. He wanted to see how the Beast changed, if it did at all, and the change came quick enough. It was only then when Kovic stood up in the middle of the cage, fancy despite his ruined clothing, unscarred despite his recent injury. Like a witness he watched the change and struggle, the choking gasps of the Beast as something was triggered inside him. Change, perhaps. Evolution, maybe. Regardless, it was there, and it was happening. It seemed like an unpleasant shift, an experience on the opposite end of the spectrum compared to what Kovic felt when he changed.

The Mortalborn felt somewhat anxious about whatever was happening to the Beast. He couldn't feel the change, nor he felt any power to control it. It was an event he was used to, the changing and evolving, but one that had always happened to himself. He couldn't empathize with the Beast by that common trait they now seemed to share because Kovic was alienated from the process, even if he was the cause. He had witnessed a scenario in his life that could perhaps describe what he felt; a child who had a ball gave said ball to his friends to play, and they played and laughed whilst the owner stood back and watched from the distance. He couldn't know what happened to the Beast, what was changing in him, and if he died, he would never know. And it felt bad. The change seemed to halt at last, and the Beast still breathed.
“What changed?” asked Kovic, who took a step closer towards the bars, yet still at a very prudent distance from his attacker. It was then when his missing part slithered towards his foot, crawled up his cheap dressing shoes, and lodged itself in his leg before melting back with him. “Show me.”

The idea of offering his arm for the Beast to feed on was discarded right away, even if Kovic was perfectly willing to further fuel change. It was that nagging feeling of the amateur after he had experienced a victory, the one that believed that more success were to come with more attempts. However, the risk of losing the Beast was too great. It was an unique individual even before his change, if any, and crippling his capacity for destruction or feeding would remove his worth. As such, Kovic was disciplined enough to restrain himself.
“Eat,” he'd say, pointing at corpse near the Beast. “And be strong.”

Now, it was finally time to answer the question; what should he do about the Beast? It had been changed, and it had seen a part of Kovic's life the Mortalborn fiercely protected. It had seen his face, and it had seen the bodies. It had even seen the abnormality that came after ingesting his flesh. The obviously answer would be to end him. It was the easiest and cleanest solution. The second would be to exchange places and lock him into the cage. There was plenty of corpses for him to feed, especially for a mortal. He could be fed more of Kovic's flesh and watch as he overcame his race before the teacher's eyes. However, there was another possibility; stroke the flame, take this lost boy under his wing and mold him into whatever Kovic wished. It sounded ilogical, but upon laying eyes on the Beast, that notion became quite rational. He was a blank slate, nothing but hunger trapped in a bag of meat. He didn't know how to talk, and his intellect was no better than that of a bug. How hard could it be?

There was little point in conversation with the Beast, for it didn't understood. It wasn't a question of languages, but rather a question of natures. Beings like him and the Beast did not listen. They consumed. The similarity was striking, almost breathakingly. Kovic felt it, that part of himself in him, that thing that made them similar somehow. It was because of that why he stepped forth towards the bars, staring back into the eyes of the Beast with no fear, and why he pressed his features as close as he could towards his former attacker.
“I am like you. I can make you stronger.”

Hopefully it would work. Otherwise, he'd have to return to option A.
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Warning: Do not ingest

Postby Djinn » Mon Feb 19, 2018 11:37 am

Rewards Awarded

XP Gained: 15

Requested Rewards:
Acting: Faking one’s death
Stealth: Tailing someone
Stealth: Blending with the environment
Stealth: Assessing risk of being discovered
Tactics: Hit and run
Running: Sprinting
Mortalborn Ability (Perfect Organism): Making bone daggers
Mortalborn Ability (Perfect Organism): Ingesting Kovic causes mutations
Tactics: Improvisation
Psychology: Routine-driven individuals
Unarmed combat: Throat Strike

Loot: None
Injuries/Overstepping: No
Fame: -10, helping a criminal and being creepy.
Collaboration: Yes, with Gar'rek. Easily one of my favorite threads with Kovic. This thread opens a new path for Kovic, and I'm hella excited to get it graded. Gar'rek was an amazing partner. Sadly, he's retiring this PC, and requests no rewards. The possibility was discussed of him being NPCed as a follower of Mammon/Paplo/Kovic, but nah.

Comments: I mean, what can I say? Paplo always tries to avoid conflict, and this was definitely during the time that he was trying to keep his head down so Vuda's axe didn't cut it off. But still, his interactions with Gar'rek, who is already hungry and a Yithnai, inspire more creepy threads. Can we all just take a moment for the piece of Kovic that crawled back out of Garr? Seriously good writing on your part, and all inspired by how good I was. Ah, the good old days. Enjoy your spoils, you rotting meatsack.
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