Damn Paperwork

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Damn Paperwork

Postby Nightshade Eld » Mon May 07, 2018 6:14 pm

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The half-breed whimpered quietly as the pain became dizzying. Her experimentation with poisons had been working rather well, though most of what she’d been working on so far was the identification portion and she was mostly sticking to plants that weren’t deadly unless in extremely large doses, for safety. It had been going extremely well, almost a little too well. Which meant, considering the luck of the half-breed, something bad was bound to happen sooner or later. She didn’t know what she’d knocked into her meal, but she’d ended up accidentally eating one of the plants with her breakfast. Of course, this presented some interesting issues.

There were various things that the half-breed needed to finish up, the most pressing being the rest of the Roost paperwork. Making sure everything was in order, keeping all the math straight, making sure that all of the information was completely in her name. It mostly meant a lot of reading over clauses and the like for a couple breaks while she made sure that there were no errors with names or information, as well as confirming the price costs on the building and everything on the inside of the building. She didn’t need to get it submitted immediately, but the sooner the better.

The half-breed was currently curled up on the ground trying to ignore the wreathing pain slowly going through the entirety of her body. She was going to go mad at this rate. Sitting up she took a couple quick breaths as she tried to make her way over to where she had the paperwork stashed. Her eyes flitted around and her breath felt even tighter. Just standing up and moving was winding her. That happened whenever she got too sick too. As far as she was aware most people got tired a lot faster when they were sick, injured, or in pain. Which made sense all things considered. There was a not more need for extra energy so the body could start healing or fighting the foreign entity.

She could feel her body shivering as she took another sharp breath, chills running through her. It was a tossup if she’d actually managed to poison herself or if she’d just caught some bad flu. Considering the way that her stomach churned and her arms quivered she was starting to believe that she was just sick. Either way, it didn’t change the fact she needed to figure out these papers. With a shaking hand, she located the papers and sat down cross-legged. She couldn’t stand right now, not without risking tumbling to the ground if she stood for too long. Her entire body was shivering violently.

She didn’t want to work on this paper, she really didn’t want to work on this paperwork and it wasn’t even due yet. But, if she didn’t get it done soon she was just going to keep putting it off longer and longer because something else is going to come up and then it’ll be something different and then finally out of nowhere the papers are going to be due and she wouldn’t have to stay up all night finishing them instead of just doing them all now while she had some form of decent mental capacity.

Her fingers were shaking as she picked up her quill, dipping it in the ink as best as she could. Her entire hand threatened to revolt against her. She could hear Storm whimpering in the background. She wondered if she smelled sick or looked like she was in pain. How much could he tell? Enough apparently as she felt a giant mass of fluff curling around her, soft fur moving to press against her back after a series of paw steps. She sighed and smiled to herself quietly. “Thank you, but I’m not sure how much it’s going to help,” she told the Zelroux as she twined her fingers with his fur for a moment or two. She played with the silver gray fur as she tried to concentrate on the task ahead, only for her thoughts to wander even farther away.

Storm was so very warm, and a nap would have been absolutely lovely at that moment. She glanced outside for a moment, her eyes wandering everywhere besides the task ahead. There was a speckling of sunlight that brushed into the mouth of the cave. It was almost disgusting to look at, the woman wanted to hide somewhere warm and dark while she recovered. There was a small candle sitting next to her as she worked on the papers, just trying to push farther and farther. It was painful, the way that her mind and body revolted against the very act of anything other than the idea of sleep. It was a slow and debilitating trudge as she had to reread line after line, never really catching it completely. The language almost seemed foreign in nature as her eyes strained to try and understand it.

She wasn’t sure if she could even sign her own name at this point, her head blurry. Her eyes closed for a couple moments. Just a couple moments. She could feel herself dozing off but she couldn’t really fight against it particularly well. Her entire being starting to feel so very heavy. She forced her eyes open, finding herself laying against Storm. The Zelroux had fallen asleep, so she wasn’t sure how long she herself had allowed her eyes to shut. She could move for a minute, not strength existing in her limbs in order to force her upwards or forwards. She hissed under her breath as she tried to shake the sleep out of her head and refocus on the paper.

She’d dropped her quill when she started dozing off and now there was a large ink blot on the stone where it had fallen, as well as a small scrape of ink against her leg. At least she hadn’t managed to knock the inkwell over. It was a small victory, but a victory none the less. She’d have to be more careful, only picking up the quill when she was completely certain of her need for it. She almost forgot moments after coming to her silent agreement as she tried to pick up the quill and put it in the ink. She paused immediately before setting down the quill and repeating the same mistake a couple trills of working later.

“This isn’t working Storm,” she said as she allowed her head to rest in her hands. Her entire body was in so much pain and she felt like she was going to throw up. In fact, she was fairly certain that she was going to. She couldn’t move though. The woman focused for a minute, trying to force the sensation to the farthest recesses of her mind. It hurt so badly. Her papers were almost forgotten as she took a couple deep breaths, ignoring the watery metallic sensation that heralded the coming of a wretch. Eventually, the feeling subsided through sheer force of will. There was a quiet refusal to back down against whatever this was, be it poison or virus.

She was fairly certain that it was a virus everything considered. She didn’t have any plants that had such dramatic effects, let alone all these side effects at once. This had to be some kind of sickness. Night didn’t think someone could even get dick during spring, but here she was, fighting to keep her breakfast down and work on her papers. Those stupid feking papers. She felt hungry like she wanted to eat, but at the same time the thought of food repulsed her and she knew she wouldn’t be able to get anything down. Let alone keep it down if her current struggle was indicative of the full run of this illness.

She didn’t even fight the wave of shivers that ran through her body. Her fingers weaved their way through Storm’s coat as her breaths became a little sharper and more labored. “Storm,” she groaned. The animal woke up almost immediately at the tone of her voice. Jolting in a sit as her nails poked at his flesh. “Help me outside,” she said. She wasn’t sure if the Zelroux understood her, but when she stood up and started walking the animal quickly offered its body as a support. With her living crutch, she was able to make it outside of her home. When did it suddenly start to turn into sunset? This was new, right? Or had she just been so out of it she ended up looking at a sheet of paper for breaks?

Maybe it was important to admit when it was worthless trying to work on something. Being completely and totally sick was the perfect example of when to just go to bed. It was good to get work done early, but it wasn’t very helpful trying to work on things early when you could barely see straight. She wasn’t sure how much longer she’d be able to hold the contents of her stomach. She’d finish the immortal damned paperwork in the morning!
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Damn Paperwork

Postby Yndira » Wed May 16, 2018 10:18 am

Snagging this one!
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