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Rising from the stony plateau overlooking the rivers and plains of the western continent, and growing wealthy from the gem stones pulled from this same rocky soil, Etzos is a bastion of independence, eagerly spreading its belief that man should rule Idalos, not be servants of the vain Immortals who nearly destroyed it. But can the different factions set aside their agendas long enough to see this through?

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Postby Oberan » Sun Apr 15, 2018 4:41 pm

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Some would claim that being a jester required no skill whatsoever. They only needed to wear tights in bright colors, do stupid things all the time, and occasionally make people laugh.

Oberan firmly disagreed.

Tights were utterly unnecessary.

As long as you made it clear that you were playing a role, of course. If not, people usually did not put up with your nonsense. Tights had the distinct advantage of alerting everyone to the fact that you were playing a role, even if you weren’t, without you needing to explicitly tell them. It allowed you to get away with things that wouldn’t fly otherwise, do things that would be cringy or shameful in every trial life. Try something and fail? Just pretend like it was planned, overact to the point where people genuinely couldn’t tell whether it was or wasn’t.

So yes, you didn’t necessarily need mad skills. You did not need to be funny. And you didn’t need the tights.

Problem was you were none of those, and you didn’t wear the motley, people either thought you were retarded, or a huge asshat.

Oberan was wearing the jester’s outfit, obviously, and stood in the center of a small crowd in the middle of a square. There was a market nearly, with vendors hollering rhymes to attract attention, yelling about how low their prices were and how high the quality of their product. The sea of people flowed through the streets, pooling around the most interesting of the stalls, and passing by the numerous buskers and performers who’d come to profit off the gathering of vendors.

Those who played an instrument were always present, providing merry tunes for the masses to enjoy as they passed with the languid speed of a crippled snail, forced to walk at the pace of the slowest among them. There was no greater anguish for the punctual and swift to be among such crowds. It was for the men to listen to as they were dragged around by their partners, forced against their will to spend an eternity in shopping limbo. For those people the music provided comfort, something to enjoy while they suffered. Background music in Tartaros.

There were acrobats who did tricks and flips, some solo, some in groups. The general rule was that the more people, the grander and more spectacular the stunts. There were jugglers and strongmen, firebreathers and ventriloquists, illusionists and mimes.

And Oberan? Well, he did absolutely nothing. Instead, he just stood there, frozen in place. The pose his body held was odd, with his arms held at weird angles, and his legs looking like he’d just tried to take a gigantic step, but couldn’t quite find the strength to raise back up. Near his feet was a cap with some coins in it, and every so often someone would throw a bit of nel in there. All because he didn’t do a thing. Which was harden than it looked, as he needed to keep his balance, hold the pose, and stare in the distance while making sure to blink when no-one was looking and breathe inconspicuously. Not to mention the top of his head was itching so badly, but he couldn’t scratch it!
He lost track of time, lost in his thoughts for the most part. Oberan knew he hadn’t been posing like this for longer than five bits now, and it was becoming time to briefly move and relieve himself of the god-awful pose he’d decided to strike. At that moment, he saw her.

The Mortalborn knew that he had to involve her somehow. Why? Because he couldn’t help himself; she was a Naerikk.

All of a sudden the motionless jester launched himself forward, breaking through the crowd of people around him, and grabbing her wrist. He pulled, drawing her into his little performance space, one hand locking fingers with hers, the other placing itself onto her waist. A bit of exercise to loosen up his body after pretending to be a statue for half the morning. The music from the performers next to his spot carried loud and far enough to leave no question to the beat to follow.

“Won’t you join me in this dance, milady?” he asked, his tone mocking the genteel speech of the nobles up North. There was no window for a refusal on her part though, almost immediately after the rhetorical question he began moving, pulling her along with him, whether she wanted to or not.

He knew enough of dance to know that the man was supposed to lead, but that was just about the full extent of his knowledge –and skill—on the matter, and it clearly showed. If there were a jury to score his attempts at ... whatever dance it was he was trying to imitate... they'd give him a three. Out of a hundred. Or maybe a four, depending on whether they were feeling generous.
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Postby Adruria » Mon Apr 16, 2018 9:45 pm

The market was busy as was the norm, no more than normal. There was a sea of people everywhere! While Adruria had come to find the strange market stall, she gave up quickly as she was jostled by the crowd and found a less busier spot a little ways from the market, somewhere she could think. Once settled she pulled the strange coin from her pocket and looked it over from every angle. There had to be more to this coin than what it seemed to be. After looking over the coin for awhile she sighed and returned it to her pocket. Adruria had gained no new knowledge from examining the coin for no doubt around the hundredth time. She was beginning to doubt there was anything special about said coin. If it was worth nothing she could at least turn it into a pendant of sorts and wear it as a necklace... It wouldn't be that hard..

The Naer stood up from her resting spot, trying to decide if she should look around some more or head home for the day and relax in the shadows. Well, she could wander around a little bit longer and headed back around the market one more time. This time she wouldn't even look for than stall with the star, she'd just relax and enjoy the atmosphere. Maybe find something of interest to take home.

Wandering the stalls she found many things of interest such as clothes, books, house items, and strangely enough vegetables. While normally not very interesting, Adruria had been raised in a place where all vegetables were red from blood crops, so the bright colors of vegetables was always interesting. Who would of imagined carrots were orange! Or that apples came in so many colors... The varying colors of the vegetables made her chuckle lightly and smile before moving on down the market. Carrots...Orange...

Not far from the vegetable stand a band was playing music and different performers showed their talents. A few acrobats caught her eye with their graceful movements, in a way they were mesmerizing to watch. Adruria watched them intently, until a fire breather accidentally spooked her back into the crowd. Fire was bright, fire could kill her and not in the normal way it killed humans. She was a bit shaken by the fire but decided she would stay and enjoy herself fire or not. There were plenty of other performers who were non-firery. Such as some magicians doing slight of hand tricks that looked effortless. Stage magic may have not be real, but Adruria could appreciate a magician who could preform right in front of you and still make you wonder how they did it.

It had been a good outing, exploring the market and with a happy smile began to make her way through the crowd to leave, when her wrist was grabbed. Adruria had been facing away from her wrist looking at a performer when it happened. Not knowing who had grabbed her wrist, Naerikk instinct took over. Her face spoke death, her eyes anger, and a scowl that showed her fangs that was.. Until she saw who had her wrist and her face showed confusion and a look that could be described as 'you've got to be FREAKIN' kidding me'. It was that crazy jester she had seen a few times, the guy from the restaurant and from on the roof! What in the Shadow Mother's name was he doing?! And even more-so why had he singled her out? Had he been.. waiting for her?

She had questions she needed answered. Why was his hand around her waist? Why was he so interested in her? But before she could say anything he had told her they were dancing and once again before she had a chance to decline his VERY gracious offer... They were in front of the crowd and dancing or sort of dancing? She wasn't really sure what was going on it was still all registering in her head. Finally coming back to reality she found herself dancing, this was really happening. Fine. Adruria danced with the man at one point she leaned into him making sure he got a good view of her fangs, "We will play your game, jester. But you WILL give us our answers once we're done."With that she grasped his hands with much more of a grip than she had earlier letting the tips of her claw-like nails to dig slightly into his hand. This...man who she wasn't even sure if he'd have any worth collared back home, needed to know he wasn't dealing with a human woman. Adruria was something more. And the dance continued.
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