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The Big Jailbreak Thread

Rising from the stony plateau overlooking the rivers and plains of the western continent, and growing wealthy from the gem stones pulled from this same rocky soil, Etzos is a bastion of independence, eagerly spreading its belief that man should rule Idalos, not be servants of the vain Immortals who nearly destroyed it. But can the different factions set aside their agendas long enough to see this through?

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Not so Good in Practice

Postby Maltruism » Mon Apr 16, 2018 12:28 am


Here, Graeslin made the first tactical error that was no one's fault but her own. She screamed in rage, chasing after a guard figure that she assumed to be the same one that had kicked her hand, releasing the Rupturing Control Orb from her grip. When the back door broke in, and another twenty Black Guard troopers came pouring into the breach, they came to an abrupt halt, facing what looked to be about the same count of their same men.

Knowing the real troopers were coming out of the daze of Graeslin's Naerikk "Gift", several of the pirates started accusing them of being pirates, to beat them to the punch they knew was coming. Fighting immediately broke out, the advantage going to the illusion-disguised pirates, who had been aware of where each true guard was at the time of the effect's occurrence.

The newly arrived guards were not sure what was going on, or whether there really were disguised pirates among the melee before them. Some of those pirates or recruits who were not mixed up in the mess were able initially to get past the new guards at the back, feigning injury or the need to report the incident. But the commander of the new squad became quickly convinced that some sort of illusion magic was at play and shouted loudly for a halt. He followed that up with a command to "sound off", expressing further that any that continued fighting would be assumed to be a spy and face summary execution.

Graeslin's tactical error was what led to the man's swift assessment. Her scream of anger at Oberan quickly betrayed a female presence where no image supported the claim. It did not help that the portal still glimmered brightly in the dim light, emphasizing the use of magic. After an initial pause, resulting from the commander's words, fighting broke out in earnest. The pirates all knew they were bound for the gallows now anyway, and fought with savage abandon.

On the safe side of the portal, Molly knew only that Finn was in mortal peril, and that the object she held in her hand was of supreme importance somehow. All the voices passing through were a jumble of shouts and cries, pain anger and orders mixing into an indecipherable din. But she had seen that the original push of pirates, before they became guards, was to pass back through to her side.

Cautious still, she slowly held the ward disc right to the very face of the event horizon, testing for any reaction. When Oberan picked the orb up, his hand accidentally triggered something that prompted a "pull" from the portal. When Graeslin had tried it, in a desperate attempt at some sort of reset, Molly had not been standing there. Now the pull command yanked her through to fall on her face at the feet of the crush of fighting men.

Whatever cry of alarm Finn may have screamed was lost in the ruckus. But the guard/pirate that had been originally holding him noticed her, and had seen that she had noticed and recognized him. As a spy implanted in the crew of the pirates, he could not allow this child to reveal his cover. In full view of Finn, who was desperately trying to reach her, the false pirate grabbed a handful of hair to lift her head back and expose her throat.

He did not hesitate to make the slash and add her lifeblood to that of many others now turning the floor into a slippery field of bodies. Only now did the young boy's scream of anguish rise above the tenor din of the guards and pirates. The spy then tried to get hold of the disc, but it gotten kicked and then stepped on by another struggling figure.

An odd swash of color quickly flashed across the surface of the portal and some of the more observant among the pirates rushed to find the portal open to them again. Men shoved others aside, no longer bent on fighting for their lives, but rather running for the same. The illusion did not disperse as men charged back into the upstairs room of the Riverbank Inn.

It turned into a running fight down hallways and staircases; bursting through a common room and out into the street, where the current excess of visiting pirates found a brutal joy in turning their own past grievances into revenge against any that wore a Black Guard appearance. A few more of Graeslin's rescued crew members fell to this aggression. But mostly the disguised pirates did not stop to fight, pushing past the blocking pirates to make a headlong dash to the docks, and the relative safety of Graeslin's ship.

The true Black Guard soldiers quickly assessed their disadvantage and retreated back to where their brothers had followed them through the portal in support, to turn the upper level of the Riverbank Inn into a bloody war zone. Finn, however, was still in the basement of the Hall of Rule and Reprimand, staring in growing grief and fury at the dead body of the young girl who was probably his only true friend in the world. A half dozen late-arriving Black Guard, informed of everything except the power of Defiance present in the boy, made the mistake of trying to clap him in irons...
 ! Matruism wrote:
Okay, admit it...lol...You all knew at the outset I was not going to really be giving you each ten thousand nel. :lol:
Oberan, you have found the Rupturing Control Orb, but have no idea how it works yet. :?
Toan, you fooled the new guards into letting you pass back out through the back door with Dallen, who now owes you, big time. 8-)
Finn, time to go magically ape-shit on some soon-to-be Black Guard victims of Defiance. :twisted:
Tio and Zipper, I am willing to see what you come up with, which could include following Toan out the back way.
I may even let you keep it. :D
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Not so Good in Practice

Postby Tio Silver » Thu Apr 19, 2018 5:30 pm


It was remarkable how quickly a situation could descend into complete and utter chaos when the right catalysts were available. It was almost like Aelig himself had come down from the sky and cast a spell upon them. Tio could not say for certain how exactly any of it happened, since he was distracted trying to talk to the girl beyond the portal, but one moment the pirates were trapped and panicked, and the next everyone appeared to have somehow transformed into the spitting images of the guards.

The guard’s reinforcement burst into the room just a little bit too late, and were immediately confused by the sight before them. Small skirmishes broke out across the chamber as everyone blamed and blindly attacked each other, until the captain of the guards, alerted to the trick by Graeslin’s scream of rage, ordered his troops to sound off.

Tio, for his part, backed away from the portal and tried to assess the situation. On the one hand the mission had been something of a success in that the pirate crew were, sort of, free. But on the other hand the situation was a complete mess and Graeslin wasn't in the best mood according to her yell. It was pretty likely that she wouldn't honour her promise of payment. How then could he make the most of this situation? He had no idea where in the world he was right now and needed to prioritize getting home, but it no longer seemed that Graeslin could help him with that either. What he needed was to get ahold of that portal orb of hers, and use it to hightail out of here while the Black Guards were distracted by everybody else. Where was that blasted orb anyway?

It was then that he spotted the orb rolling across the floor, and one of the guards (or was it just someone disguised as a guard?) picking it up. The moment the guard touched it however a ripple of air burst out from the portal, and the little girl who'd been on the other side of it was sucked through straight into the midst of the chaos. Horrified, Tio watched as someone who must have been a disguised pirate grabbed her by the hair and slit her throat.

“Dastard!” Tio hissed under his breath, briefly considering breaking the murder's nose but unwilling to break the cover of his illusion. That had not been necessary at all! If one of his crew members murdered a child he'd break their legs and drag them to jail himself, but Graeslin didn't seem the type to share that sentiment. Reluctantly Tio tore his eyes away from the scene, deciding that now wasn't the time to be acting self-righteous. Escape first, consider punishment later. Now where had that blasted orb gotten to now?

Spotting the orb still in the hands of the guard who'd picked it up, Tio struck a balance between stealth and speed and tried to sneak up on the guard from behind without wasting too much time. His cutlass had been wrapped up in an illusion of the swords the guards possessed, and he pointed it at the disguised Oberan’s back (or front, if the mortalborn noticed him.)

“Hand over the orb.” He growled gently, trying not to draw the attention of the others.
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Not so Good in Practice

Postby Zipper » Fri Apr 20, 2018 9:32 pm

(Rushing this a bit. Forgive if its shit)

Fuck was the word of the trial.

Putting herself through that fuck of a charade with the pirate whore, forced to memorize a Quality -to reduce the closest thing she had to a sacred little tradition into a fuck of a farce- under duress, and then made to work with a team of fucks that consisted of the unreliable, the adolescent, the drunken, the unknown and, worst of all, the blonde and the excitable. A fuck after a fuck after a fuck that stacked together into a cumulative tower of clusterfuck that fucked high into the sky.

And Clusterfuck was indeed their current situation.

It all happened so quickly.

One moment everything was going according to plan: the array was shut off, the guards were caught off, well guard, they were well on their way to freedom, the next everything exploded into the sheer anarchy that was the body swap.


Fuckin' Oberan.

That Godling had crossed her too many times.

If she weren't concerned with some other things, she would have tracked him down and killed the fuck out of him. Instead, in the midst of the chaos and the fighting and portals that worked and then didn't and then did, Zipper reached out with her Ether sense, that sensitivity to Ether that an Etherist, a Transmutator, eventually grew into. She had no means of cutting through this illusion that the Mortalborn had inflicted upon all of them.

But she could track the touch of Sovereign upon armour.

She could chart something of a path between the true guard and everyone else, warn and alert and guide the other Black Guards-

But she chose violence instead.

Tendrils of stone ripped themselves from the prison and snared pirates and criminals and whatever petty scum that was here to the walls and the floors. Too many had escaped, too many had fled through the portal, but she was able to snare a handful of them running through, a batch of stone dragging them back in and plastering them against a wall.

Need less chaos, need less mess. Always hard to think in a commotion.

The second word of the trial was Finn.

With the entire mess here, she figured she would drag Finn away in the commotion - plop him over to the nearest healer to in an attempt purge him of whatever slow-acting poison the pirate may or may not have made up. Except, as was his way, he managed to lose himself from her again.

The sight of dying Molly was a pretty decent piece of signage for where he might be though - and sure as hell, there he was, and the Black guards approached.

She liked Molly. Didn't care much for her or knew her beyond 'girl', but in an odd way, she liked her, but she was gone and if he wasn't going to be a bitch about this for the next few months...

If he had a next few months.

As the guards approached, the power they felt first wasn't Defiance, but Transmutation as an explosion of jagged spikes violently jutted out from the ground, an aggressive barrier between the oncoming guards and Finn. "Pirates!" she called out "Hands away from the boy!"
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Not so Good in Practice

Postby Finnegan O'Connor » Sat Apr 21, 2018 1:26 pm

Not So Good In Practice

The Hall of Rule and Reprimand, Etzos, Zi'da 40, arc 717


The spell of astonishment was broken the moment Molly fell through the portal, landing face-first on the ground. It would turn out to be a good thing that Finn didn’t know that the man who’d picked up the orb and caused Molly to be transported into the middle of the slaughter was Oberan, for if he had known, he would’ve dedicated his very being to destruction of the Mortalborn.

His cry was lost amid the violence. If only he’d been quicker! If only he’d jumped to his feet a fraction of a trill sooner!

Bang! A blast of compressed air saw the false pirate fly through the air before smacking into a cell door with a painful crack. Finn sprinted to where Molly fell, his boots slipping through dirt and blood, almost tripping over the bodies of the fallen as he bolted through the chaos. Molly’s wide eyes found his, her face turned pale, a dying scream on her lips as she clutched her throat, blood streaming through her shaking fingers. “Molly…” he said breathlessly.

She slumped to the side, teetering between dead and dying. He was too late.

“No, no, no, no, no....” he whimpered as he scooped up her head with one arm and a tried to stem the rivers of blood oozing from her throat. She was shaking all over, but no sound passed her lips, no dying words, no last goodbye, not even a gurgle. Her head was heavy in his arms as her eyes rolled back in her skull. There was no cure.

The kiss that had been on his lips since their first adventure should’ve come sooner, when she’d still been alive and well; when her lips weren’t so pale and stiff and frigid. It should’ve been a happy, cherished moment, not this frightened, tearful, morbid thing, but their lips touched anyway. Then it happened.

It was only an instinct, but a powerful one nonetheless. He sensed her ether more vibrantly than he’d ever sensed it before, but it was fading fast, dispersing like a wisp of smoke that could not be grasped. Not by regular means.

But regular Finn had died seasons ago, if he had ever existed at all. And while he couldn’t catch smoke with his hands and couldn’t stop her from bleeding out, he also couldn’t stop his instincts. Some power had awakened in him that he didn’t know he possessed until now. It was as if the entire pantheon of Immortals had come together within him, bundling all their formidable power, conjuring up some magical construct that ensnared Molly’s ether, surrounded it and reeled it back in through the Emean realm. His own presence dissolved entirely in that moment. All sense of touch, sound, sight, and smell vanished in an instant until only a sensation of immense power flowing through him remained. The ether that tried so desperately to pass on into the after-life was pulled back and once it had begun, there was no stopping the flaying.

Finn didn’t want it to end either. He’d never known he’d thirsted for this all his life, the dazzling, ecstatic feeling of her very being brushing so closely past his own essence was unlike anything known to man. Now he was become whole. Now he was become a god among men, a bastion of absolute power that required no one’s permission to act.

A mere thought guided the river of ether back into Molly’s body, concentrating at the heart, that had stopped beating so violently and now started to crystallize instead. It was the heart from which her essence had poured out into the world, and he returned her being to it.

As soon as it had started, the bliss ended and all sense returned to him within the blink of an eye. Molly’s lifeless body weighed heavily in his arms. Zipper shouted something at him over the commotion of battle. He didn’t hear it. He barely noticed the wall of jutting spikes she summoned into being, halting the advancing guard for just a few more trills as Finn tried to make sense of what had happened. What had he done?

His head turned toward the Black Guard, and he banished all other thoughts. He only knew what they had done, and he knew they would pay for it.

Zipper’s spikes crumbled into a miserable heap, the earth groaned and rumbled, its surface moving and shifting like waves on an ocean and like the rising tide, the shifting soil grew ever more violent, grasping at the boots of the Black Guard, pirates or not, that still remained in the belly of the Hall of Rule and Reprimand.

Not all were trapped, and there was a silent respite before Finn called upon the ravenous hunger of the flame within. A loud hiss was the only forewarning and there was a flash of bright, roaring blue flame before the tongues turned red and yellow, urged forward by a powerful blast of wind. Searing heat scorched the ceiling and floor as wicked fire blasted outward, making no distinction between friend or foe, clawing and devouring, carving paths through flesh and wood and stone. Not a trill later the flames receded just as suddenly, sucked back to the center of their power, except for where they had latched onto something nourishing their hunger.

The receding flames halted only a few feet removed from Finn, who no longer bargained with the fire. He imposed his will on the element, bending it to his will, wreathing himself in a dome of flame. The air boiled around it and to trespass, to try anything against the raw, unbridled might of the fire was to be burnt to crisp. There wasn’t much time before the swelling dome had charged up to its full power, and then nothing but ashes would be left of those who dared to stand in its path.
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Not so Good in Practice

Postby Oberan » Sun Apr 22, 2018 4:26 pm

Honestly, things could have unfolded a smidge more favorable as far as Oberan was concerned.

Yes, he’d gotten hold of Graeslin’s orb, but in doing so he’d accidentally managed to open the portal once more. The girl with the disc who everyone had been so riled up about had fallen through the tear in space, and shit had gone real bad, real fast.

More guards had arrived, reinforcements to prevent the huge jailbreak. Any other time Oberan would have cursed, but he felt more like laughing now. Anything that made the Naerikk’s life harder was a good thing in his opinion, and with the effects of his power probably in place for a trial or three, he needn’t worry his disguise would wear off in the middle of his escape. However, with the portal up and running again, the pirates were fleeing to Foster’s already, rendering the Mortalborn’s plan useless. At least Graeslin was still in the room. He had to keep it this way until the portal shut again, but how? One of his other abilities opened things, yet closing them was not in his repertoire.

He idly wondered if he could work on that.

Perhaps the orb was able to annihilate the rupturer’s efforts, though Oberan had no idea how it worked. He had done something when he picked it up, triggered some hidden switch or something less mundane and more magical, so perhaps he might be able to recreate something similar –and hopefully something that really pissed Graeslin off at that. So he prodded the orb’s surface with his fingers, swiped over it with his pinkie, rubbed on it with his palm, desperate to disable the portal.

Of course, someone had snuck up on him during his … experimentation, someone he only noticed when he turned to glance over his shoulder to see if anything had worked. A growled demand and a sword pointed at him. Just great. He sighed and turned around slowly, taking care not to provoke any violent reaction from his would-be captor.

“This is not the orb you want,” Oberan said, waving his free hand, and sapping the thrill out of his opponent as much as he was able. He’d already taken some from others, unfortunately, so he was unable to knock this guy out completely. However, it should have been enough to at least make him feel tired and lethargic all of a sudden. Good enough to slow him down significantly, while Oberan himself had his physical abilities boosted. He aimed a kick at the man’s sword, then followed up with one to the chest, wanting to create some space between the two of them. Enough so he could run without being stabbed.

In the meantime, things had escalated rather dramatically. The girl with the disk was on the floor, motionless, and one of the guards with the high pitched voice of a prepubescent –he wanted to say boy?—person was screaming in rage. Several large spikes of stone floor were erected and then crumpled down in flaccid heaps, while the earth rumbled and tremors were felt throughout the room. This wasn’t good. Or was it? It would hamper Graeslin for sure, so that was good, but for Oberan’s own safety it was very, very bad.

Perhaps in his current state Oberan was many times stronger and faster than he usually would be, feeling the adrenaline rush prime his body for action, considering himself invincible. None were a match for him. The Rush kept him going, providing the stamina to keep him from tiring. The Rush drowned out the pain of wounds, no matter the severity. An inexhaustible opponent who did not get slowed down any by injuries or aches, with the speed to dodge incoming attacks, and the strength to crush the opposition. A formidable foe, but not an invulnerable one. Even now the Mortalborn remained aware of his vulnerability. Blades, arrows, bolts, fire… perhaps the damage they did wouldn’t be felt, but it was there.

As the hissing noise reached his ears, he ran –or rather, dove—through the doorway, hastily scrambling back onto his feet. He didn’t waste time slamming the door shut, instead choosing to hightail it out of there as fast as he could, orb in hand. He heard the roar of the fire behind him, felt the sweeping wave of hot air wash over his body. He could smell the scent of burnt wood and stone, but he didn’t turn around.

He kept running instead, accosting the first blackjacks he came across. “You gotta help!” he panted, “The pirates, they’re escaping! They have Rupturer transporting them out of here! I took their orb, but the portal’s still there, and the array is down! We have to stop them! Fix the array or something! Spread the word!”
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