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The Big Jailbreak Thread

Rising from the stony plateau overlooking the rivers and plains of the western continent, and growing wealthy from the gem stones pulled from this same rocky soil, Etzos is a bastion of independence, eagerly spreading its belief that man should rule Idalos, not be servants of the vain Immortals who nearly destroyed it. But can the different factions set aside their agendas long enough to see this through?

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Not so Good in Practice

Postby Zipper » Mon May 14, 2018 12:04 pm


“Let’s go, Fi!”

“Oi! Are you fuckin’ deaf? Time to go-.”

“Molly’s gone. I feel it. I really do. She was one of us and it blows like a dead whale, but we have to go!”


“Mourning’s a luxury! Move!”

“Robin Stark of Ne’hear, I am going to find your sister, I am going to jam the biggest Ether missile I can conjure down her soul anus first, and then I’m going to do everything in my power to botch that initiation so hard Emea itself sticks her in its proverbial teeth so help me dark gods of Rhakros-”

“There is at least one Abrogator on the way. At least fuckin’ one in this breed of cat puke garbage of a situation. Do you know what a shield maiden does, Fi? It dips your cock into the raging cunt that is pure, unadulterated nullification and fucks you until you can’t feel your magical legs. So MOVE! FUCKIN’ MOVE, YOU DONKEY OR YOU’RE GONNA GET FUCKED.”


“Wait, wait, wait, WAIT. No, no, wait, no. Fuckin’ stop. OI!”

“No, no, no, fuck you no, you utter and complete cunt, you’re going to get us all fuckin’ killed!”



Zipper barely -just barely- got her gloves off to form the Absorption field in front of her, parting her violent share of the fire and the earth and the wind and the maelstrom of raging Defiance sent her way. Even with her innate resistance to the fiery heat courtesy of the fire quality in her Palette, even with the absorption field taking the brunt of the damage, severing the power that drove the elements forth, the air singed with the blazing power of rage made manifest. The Absorption field held strong… but far less steadily than she imagined it to be.

He was a baby mage. He shouldn’t, couldn’t, be capable of this kind of brute force. Stark must have botched the initiation up somehow, fudged his ether-

Stark could wait. Oh, Stark would get it, but Stark could wait. What mercies she would inflict on him would be legendary even in hell, but he was not the priority right now. The poison that may or may not have been real, getting out in one piece, killing all witnesses to Finn’s-

All difficult, time-consuming tasks on their own. Together? Impossible.

The smoke and carnage clouded her eyes and the raw volatility of that vicious showcase of Defiance clouded her Ether sense, reaching out and only tasting Defiance, Defiance, Defiance in the air around her. She reached out for Finn, unseen, who was strangely quiet in the moment. Did she dare to even Absorb him? He must have spent an untold amount of Ether just for that blast, taking anymore from him would kill him-

She sensed the incoming field a trill before it hit Finn.

Abrogator. The shield whore cometh.

She looked at the one type of sorcerer that could consistently take down nearly every other breed of magic, and she decided that, at the moment, she didn’t care. The field passed to her even as she readied herself.

Her Absorption had never been powerful enough to give Torvyn pause before in their little ‘disciplinary sessions’, but that was an era ago, in a time when Nero was just a few blocks away and before Robin skirted into her life and made her feel just that little bit special… right before he raped his scatterbrained, delusional, inconsistent excuse of a Spark into her baby brother.

Her dying mess of a baby brother.

She was stronger now. She had to be.

She reached out with her hands and fought the field with her own, leveraging every bit of her might onto it. It was nothing like drawing the other magics in - they were fluid, malleable, readily taken in and thrown out like cheap garbage. Abrogation, in contrast, was a brick wall that stood tall against her efforts. Where fluid flowed, the brick wall chipped.

Slowly. Too slowly. She doubled her efforts.

And then she was winning, she was pushing him back, the field gave her up… only for her to realize that it was less her doing and more the Abrogator pushing his power back to Finn-

No Absorption prepared her for the implosion. The blast picked her up like a little girl and sent her skidding down the hall. She tried to seat up, groggy, failed, tried again, pushing her way up to her legs. There was a haze in her brain that told her she had slammed into something particularly hard, and her vision.

“Fi!” She shouted, trying again. “Let’s go!”
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Not so Good in Practice

Postby Maltruism » Tue May 15, 2018 9:43 pm


The trio of conspirators hurried through the portal, along with their shape-changing companion. Given an option, they might have hesitated, since Oberan still had no idea what he'd done to prompt its appearance. But necessity, and the echoes of multiple plate-shod boots growing ever louder, inspired a fatalistic trust in a device that had already powered one portal that spanned the hundred miles or so from Foster's Landing to Etzos, only several breaks after powering one that had brought them all the way from Scalvoris.

Clearly there was much to be learned about it. Graeslin was not likely to let the loss of such a powerful artifact go unchallenged. Or maybe the orb itself was not so powerful, but that Graeslin herself had the means to recharge it quickly. In either event, she would want it back. But that was a problem for another trial.

The timing of this new portal was actually very much in their favor. Enough time had passed as they'd been making their way through the tunnels of the Hall of Rule and Reprimand, that the bulk of pirates, and pursuing guardsmen, charging through the original portal in the Interrogation Chamber, had by now burst out into the streets of Foster's Landing. Those few still milling about in the meeting room upstairs at the Riverbank Inn, stood their ground, but were obviously uncertain of who they were now facing, guard or pirate.

Chances were, this meant they were also pirates, but the plan had gone all to hell, and there was no longer any sense of partnership or camaraderie among them. They seemed as content to let these four new unidentified "guards" pass unchallenged as the four companions did to do that very thing. What they did when they got into the empty hall beyond, to hear echoes of outdoor chaos rumbling up the stairs, and more than just one or two unoccupied rooms down the hall the other way, was entirely up to them.


There had been no question that it was a Defier in the Interrogation Chamber. The Abrogator had instructed his crew to bring ward chains. He also bid them to bring Warding arrows as well. They came in sets, and encompassed every known domain. Three full sets should be more than enough to deal with whatever magic threat they were facing.

She was a strong one, there was no doubt. The Abrogator had to focus strongly to even reduce her power with his negation field. She was clearly stronger overall than he was. But he was unconcerned. With her obvious talent for transmutation being decreased to pose little immediate threat, every further attempt to harm them only drained her further. It was only the near lethal irony that he had not considered what this would do for the initial threat they'd come to deal with, that all but reversed his command of the situation.

He realized, almost too late, that the presence of the etherist had diverted his focus. Even as the young man on the floor groaned and twitched, the Abrogator shouted "Fire" to his archers, and swept up a new wall between the boy and his men. The Warding arrows were loosed swiftly enough to pass over the rising shield wall as it manifested; but the explosion swatted them from their trajectory to no effect.

Well....not truly "no" effect. Zipper would see enough of the glowing remains of the arrows to see what she would be facing if she stayed. She would have the last extremes of safe ether expenditure milked from her in vain attempts to stop the archers. And once exhausted of all mildly-overstepped capability, she'd be thrown into the ward chains and dragged off to some horrible end at the hands of the friends of those her associates were even now killing in the streets of Foster's Landing.

Or she'd spend herself into an overstepping coma, and suffer effects even more horrible than that. Finn's complete lack of response now suggested that this may even now be his fate. That last fireburst looked to have been his swan song. If only it had done more than slam the enemy around a bit. They were not defeated and two archers now readied another volley at Zipper as their two partners wrapped Finn in glowing Ward chains. the Abrogator stood ready, behind the battered remains of his shield wall, to crush her once and for all.

In all the crises she and her brother had endured, both at the hands of cruel enemies or brought on by their own collective recklessness and foolishness, she now bore perhaps the most profound sense of failure and hopelessness she'd ever experienced. Finn was lost. It was cruelly fortunate that tears would not slow someone as they ran. Nor would the laughter of unsympathetic victors.

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Okay folks, I'm figuring this to be my last post.
Everyone is invited to post once more.
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Not so Good in Practice

Postby Tio Silver » Sun May 20, 2018 9:26 am


Thankfully Oberan and Toan came to the decision that following him was in their best interests, and the illusion-clad pirates on the other side of the portal were too disorganised to challenge them as they pushed their way out of the room. Hastily Tio led the way into one of the empty adjoining rooms in the tavern, opened the window, and clambered down the side of the wall. As soon as the other two's feet had touched the ground Tio guided them at a brisk pace through the back alleys, putting as much space between them and the tavern as he could without going anywhere open enough for them to be seen.

When at last they'd gotten far enough Tio came to a halt and turned to the others, breathing out a shaky sigh of relief. Well... that didn't go so well. I guess we can kiss goodbye to all that nel. But there was an unexpected reward to come out of this mess." He shot a meaningful glance towards the orb Oberan was carrying. "An orb that can open a portal to apparently anywhere in the world. Now that's quite the prize."

He looked up at Oberan, and his hand flickered to the handle of his cutlass as if he was about to start a fight. "Now that orb is my only way of getting home, so normally this would be the part where I take that orb from you, by force if I have to..." Suddenly he raised his hands up in a small gesture of surrender, and all the aggression evaporated in an instant, as if it'd never been there to begin with. Tio shot him a small half-grin "But I'm not going to, for three good reasons. One, I don't know what those weird magical powers you used earlier were but I have no intention of being on the recieving end of them again. Two, I like to think I have a bit more class than to resort to mugging someone in a back alley. And three, I think there's a way to turn this blunder of a night into an opportunity for all of us to make some serious nel, but it's going to take all of us working together to make it happen."

There was a clattering sound from somewhere nearby, perhaps a cat knocking over a bin or something, and Tio looked around at the direction it'd come from suspiciously. It's not safe to talk here, not looking like this. The military are sure to be looking for anyone in black guard uniform. Split up, wait for these illusions to wear off, then find a disguise and meet me at the door of the tallest building in this city. I promise that this idea of mine will payout far more money than Graeslin could ever offer you." He started to walk off, but stopped as a thought occured to him. "Look I know that you two don't have any reason to trust me, but remember I've never been to this city before. I don't have any backup to call in, or anyone to sell you out to. You don't need to trust me; but trust that I don't have the power to harm you, and in the money I can offer you." He grinned. "Oh yeah, and I'm also kinda rich, so drinks will be on me."
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Not so Good in Practice

Postby Finnegan O'Connor » Wed May 23, 2018 7:34 pm

Not So Good In Practice

The Hall of Rule and Reprimand, Etzos, Zi'da 40, arc 717


The fire raged and raged. Twisting, infernal tongues licked and blackened the stone ceiling, cracking and crumbling the brick and mortar, letting thin waterfalls of dust seep through the crevices before they were turned to dust by the overwhelming heat of the roaring flames. He'd always heard the voice of fire the best and shared its two-faced essence. Fire could destroy, fire could cleanse, but it could also bring light and warmth to the needy.

The fire lisped into his ears, drowmimg out Fiona’s cries as it beckoned him to surrender to the flames, to become one with the force of nature and stave off the bitter cold in his heart.

He stared at the flames, stared at the shadows they cast on the wall and in it, in it he saw her just like the first time he'd met her. Molly had been mute then, the result of some terrible magic, but she hasn't been shy and he'd immediately taken a liking to her, a liking that had, in recent trials, grown beyond mere friendship, but he ben a coward. Zipper had been right. He was an idiot. A cunt, a coward, a snivelling excuse of an Etzori, an embarrassment to the family, a plonker, a twat, an oaf, in short: a cunt.

Whatever strange magic had altered his appearance remained under the immense duress that the towering flames demanded and the shadow at the center of the fire was still that of an adult, grown man when the first arrow whizzed in his direction.

It only took one. Only one had to hit, and when it did, the flames died before he thudded to the floor. He barely sensed the arrowhead where it had penetrated his shoulder and ripped through tender flesh, but he did feel the halt to the ether that had been pouring out of him. All things considered, he owed his life to the stopper that had been put on his wild and uncontrolled magic, even if it demanded payment in blood.

Yet his thoughts were elsewhere, even as he flitted in and out of consciousness, even as the Ward chain was thrown around him, he could only think of what he'd seen and felt in the flames.

She was still there. Still alive. He'd saved her soul from the confines of her dying body and soon the entire city would know of his heroism and a statue would be erected in his honour, and she'd be well again and-

Defier's witchbrand:

A frigid, salty air accompanies Finn, his hair is dark as if wet and his skin is clammy to the touch.

Common, Ith'ession

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