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Settled on the mountain next to Lake Lovalus, this city was founded by the Immortal Ilaren. The locals in this trading port are a happy, friendly bunch who deeply enjoy life, and the city buzzes with a near-constant atmosphere of celebration. Rharne is also home to the Lightning Knights, the Thunder Priestesses, and the Merchants Guild.

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• Closed • In Pursuit of a God

Postby Oliver » Mon Aug 28, 2017 10:01 am

"They call me Peace"
14th Saun, 717
The Bronze Boar

A wisp of a cloud danced across the sky, hiding one of the two suns from sight, a phenomenon that had a placebo sort of effect on the Rharnians awake at this hour. Everyone knew nothing had really changed--the cloud could not stifle the overwhelming heat--but they moved about in their daily routines with a bit more fervor, and a bit more haste. All in the effort of doing what needed to be done before Faldrun's twins loomed unabated overhead once more. Oliver alone in what felt like the entire Earth Quarter moved at a leisurely pace; he knew that his business was not to be concluded within the life span of single ethereal veil.

The walk from his rented home in the earth quarter to the Bronze Boar was a short one. He had purposefully located himself close to the bar when arriving in the city at season's beginning because he had believed it would be the gateway to his success as a fighter. And in a way, it had been; a chance encounter with Theo and Zana had allowed him to acquire gainful employment as well as the general guarantee of a sponsorship--a silent one, of course--from the Lady Libertine. Since then, though, the bar has served only as a reminder of his stagnation. Saun was not a fighting season and even if it was, Oliver had found himself sorely lacking in available time. Night fights were out of the question now since he was bouncing at the Lady, and day fights were rarely found unless scheduled previously. He needed to start making an effort of managing his career, else he find himself soon without one at all.

Thankfully he had an idea. One, deep down, that had been on his heart for a while. He hadn't told Theo; his boss had been extremely busy every night building his new venture off the ground. Plus, in a way, this was an idea that didn't really involve him.

This was between Oliver and a God.

Illaren. Patron goddess of Rharne and everything it represented, everything he represented. At least, in regards to his fighting style. She had been his inspiration, of course, all those years ago in his family's barn. He knew if Drunken Boxing would take off anyway in Idalos, it would be here beneath the gaze of the Immortal herself. Not he had given her any reason to notice; one victory over a drunken laborer was not really much to go off of. A victory against a Lightning Knight hopeful, though, may serve him a little bit better. It wasn't a fight that was going to fall into his lap, of course; Oliver needed to persuade the right people to set this kind of fight up for him. He knew the place and the person. And best of all? He had an acquaintance who would be there in the right place and right time.

Oliver stepped through the entrance to the Bronze Boar, nodding to the bouncer standing just to his right. "Is Patrick around?" He asked before looking around the room in search of the co-worker he knew of but had never once interacted with. A first time for everything, he supposed
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In Pursuit of a God

Postby Patrick » Sat Sep 02, 2017 11:33 pm

Saun. A season where people spent many Breaks trying to avoid the heat and at least remain cool, and a lot of people were here to wet their whistle at the Boar. Both with alcohol and water these past few days, since it seems as though nights were never a thing during Saun. Though that didn't mean people people found themselves tired eventually, and so far counting the Breaks seemed the only way to know when one was supposedly off or bound for bed. So far though Patrick has had no such luck in regards to that, his only means of sleep has been just that; sleep whenever he's tired or feels almost deathly exhausted. Even so that didn't keep him from working so much at his ornery but lucrative job, he rather liked being paid top Nel for the services he could provide. And his clients were very influential people too apparently, thus he could use them to make new 'friends' outside of work.

He'd been caught up in pouring a few drinks for a few guests that wandered within, a friendly smile offered to them as he wondered to himself the dilemma of the night time situation. Often he felt himself nervous and unsure because quite honestly, the heat and humidity of Saun made it hard to tell when his body was about to undergo a transformation. Needless to say though Patrick had only so far seemed heated from natural causes, rather than supernatural thankfully, and the only thing he needed to keep in control was his appetite. Often he felt that task harder than usual of course, but he'd kept himself in check whenever a moment came; where he felt himself starting to slip into that state of mind. "I know you!" A voice of a feminine quality chimed in as he poured refills for another table, a guest to few that sat there seemed to recognize him before Patrick did her.

Jenny. A noble woman with wildly curled red hair who knew her stuff, she didn't come to the Libertine for his services of course; but she'd been there among peers for the drinks and booze. She'd entered to meet and drink with a few associates apparently, a small social gathering which she'd dressed normally for in a dark evergreen dress. "Patrick right? You work at the Libertine!"

"The one and only." He remarked as a few of her mates seemed to snicker among themselves, one of them turned to face her before he cracked a witty joke to her.

"Y' know him because he's fucked ya, or at leas twenty o' yer friends!" The rest of his mates couldn't help but stifle their laughs, while the lady herself glared at the one who made the comment.

"Actually just your's," he remarked with a wide remark, "tell your wife I said hello." Patrick gave a wink to the woman who, at first had been disgusted with the company she'd kept, until of course Patrick's own remark led to shaming the one that prodded her with insult. As he went off back to the bar he heard some of the men crack and muffle their laughs, his pitcher of water left on the bar as he went on back into the kitchen area to do some work. He'd been the only one working back there that Trial since not many people have been bothered to come in, the main attraction of the bar have been refreshing beverages since Saun practically began. Yet just as he thought he'd been alone, Jenny managed to follow him back there after about ten Bits had passed.

"Guess I owe ya one fer that, not every day someone puts an arsehole like that down." She bargained with her arms crossed while she entered the kitchen's, the door behind her slowly creaked to a close behind her. "Is it true though, the fact ya..."

"What? Fucked his woman? Several times actually, she's a regular if not clingy one." Patrick chimed in with admittance while he answered the question for her, naturally he couldn't help but grin about it as he continued to wash the dirty dishes.

"It's just difficult to imagine, you bein' with all these people repeatedly. Yet you don't even care do you? You just sleep around like some common whore." She blatantly pointed out as though it were something to be ashamed of.

"Expensive common whore." Patrick corrected her with no shame at all. "I get paid quite well for it, besides I'm quite good at what I do."

"Oh really?" She questioned him with raised eyebrows, only to see them furrow as she approached him. "Then prove it."

"What?" He chuckled down at her as he rested the dishes he'd wiped back down in the bin.

"Prove it."

"I can't just-" He glanced over her shoulder to the door and then averted his eyes to the counter space next to them. Here? Now? In broad daylight during business Breaks? The idea already aroused him as is of course...

"What's the matter? Ain't got the stones do ya?" She posed at him with a sharp gaze, Patrick looked into the dark of her eyes next. She had a personality like wildfire to be sure, but when Patrick had been teased about not having the balls to do it; he wasted no second Trill on making the first move. First her hands were all over his cheeks and in his hair, while his own searched for the laces on the back of her green woven dress. When they were both free of the top halves of their clothes, Patrick then proceeded to lift her onto the counter top next to his workstation. From there he started to loosen the skirt of her dress and then unbutton the seal of his pants, and then proceeded to indulge in the privilege of proving yet another person wrong.


Daveth had been informed that the bar tender in the main area had been in back, and while he'd didn't think to check on Patrick so quickly; he did determine himself able to cover the front area since his bar tender was busy. He probably figured that Patrick had been more or less caught up with work in the kitchen, unaware of the fact that another had walked in to join him back there really. It wasn't until he had nearly brought some spare dishes back there, he had heard the noises of soft moans beyond the door which Patrick worked within. The Ithecal merely shook his head and somewhat grimaced, unsure whether he should find the situation funny or even a little sad at all.Thus he decided to refrain from heading back there just yet, and instead he took to sticking it out in the front for just a little while longer. It wasn't until about five to ten Bits later a different sort of customer came in, one that seemed more interested in meeting Patrick than actually settling down for a drink.

At first Daveth exhaled with a puff in his cheeks, unsure what to tell the individual that came looking for Patrick. Then finally he caved and couldn't help but chuckle just a little. "He's in back workin' the kitchen. How 'bout a free glass of water though? Might help cool you down some." The Ithecal offered with a hand gestured to an empty bar stool, which he then poured water into a glass for the man that had arrived. Oliver likely found that this played out as a way of stalling for something, as though Daveth were waiting for incentive to go back there and alert him. "Pat's just a bit occupied right now," He finally told the bouncer, "He should be done in about... well soon." He shrugged with a wry grin as he looked down the bar line, a slow slither made as he grabbed another pitcher. "If it's important then feel free to see him, you can find him in the kitchen; beyond there." He nudged a nose as well as motioned the mug towards the door, to more or less point Oliver in the direction he needed to go to find Patrick.

Oliver had the choice in waiting for as long as he wanted to of course but in doing so, the Bits he waited were suddenly drawn out to be longer. Almost menacingly so since the place seem overly warm and busy, if he had decided to continue the waiting of course then eventually, finally, someone would come to exit the kitchen's first. The red haired Jenny would be quick in her exit as she fixed her hair and parts of her dress, however... if Oliver came to find himself unable to remain patient then, he would enter the kitchen to find Patrick's ass end plainly visible; while said Jenny was down on her knees behind the counter where she couldn't be fully seen. Of course Patrick's bare bottom was the only visible part of his body, as his pants still clung above his knees when he'd indulged in his impulse.
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OOC Note: As of Ashan 717 Patrick has been cursed with Sesser, therefore once a season he's at risk of turning into a Sessfiend. Should the occassion actually come to occur, PC's are warned to consider the extreme risk of injury and even their life; before proceeding to participate in the event. Looking forward to the potential plots and threads to come!
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In Pursuit of a God

Postby Zipper » Mon Jan 08, 2018 10:10 pm

Overview : Another dead thread that ended up a quasi-solo to Patrick's slutception. Hear me out: sessfiend sex. Do it. Doooooo it.

Also: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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