A Life Journal

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A Life Journal

Postby Sinnammyn » Sun May 22, 2016 12:45 pm

Like the time script i'll be mostly using this as a way to help me remember shit that i said about my characters! And for other things!

(10:45:34) Sen'Nuk: DALI!
(10:45:42) Sen'Nuk: Just the person i was looking for!
(10:49:01) Sen'Nuk: annnnd not here
(10:51:19) Daliane_Andaris: Here!
(10:51:24) Daliane_Andaris: What do you need?
(10:51:28) Sen'Nuk: YAY!
(10:51:30) Sen'Nuk: Soooooo
(10:51:48) Sen'Nuk: You were saying you wanted a Tunawa right?
(10:52:19) Sen'Nuk: *she shuffles her feet* Would you like.. A PC Tunawa?
(10:52:52) Daliane_Andaris: Sure!
(10:53:41) Sen'Nuk: Yay! soooo that Means i need to put my butt in gear! How would Dali have recieved her thoughhhhh
(10:54:01) Sen'Nuk: <--- wanted her character not to hate captivity for one reason or another XD
(10:54:42) Daliane_Andaris: Hmm...
(10:55:21) Daliane_Andaris: Well, Daliane loves nature, so I'm sure he could possibly meet your character in the wilderness?
(10:56:43) Sen'Nuk: hmmmmmm
(10:58:07) Sen'Nuk: wanna make that a memory thread? I was planning on having her in captivity all of her life.. buuuuttt i'm starting to think that's not really plausible.... would he have ever visited Desnind? That's the only place i can think of that they would have met when she was young...
(10:59:04) Sen'Nuk: she probably wouldn't have traveled much if at all
(10:59:37) Daliane_Andaris: No. He's been in Rynmere most of his life.
(11:00:32) Sen'Nuk: yeah.. that was a bit of a stretch
(11:01:38) Sen'Nuk: Hmmm
(11:02:10) Sen'Nuk: This would be her, Her name is Sinnammyn
(11:03:56) Daliane_Andaris: Omg she's cute.
(11:07:56) Sen'Nuk: tihihihihi i thought you'd like her!
(11:08:38) Sen'Nuk: sorry if i reply slow. I'm reading your bio...
(11:08:56) Daliane_Andaris: I don't like her.
(11:09:02) Daliane_Andaris: I love her
(11:09:10) Sen'Nuk: *she frowns a moment* wellllll... OH! Ahahaha
(11:09:17) Sen'Nuk: uhm..
(11:09:49) Daliane_Andaris: What?
(11:10:04) Sen'Nuk: what if she was one of the "care taker's" for him when he was younger, always the first one to find him, always the first one to take care of him?
(11:11:35) Daliane_Andaris: That sounds cool and sort of hilarious. Can you imagine a little tunawa taking care of a normal sized infant?
(11:11:37) Sen'Nuk: And she left with him when he went to Venora, As a gift from his father?
(11:12:17) Sen'Nuk: Think of the memories we could write up XD
(11:13:55) Daliane_Andaris: Yes! Sounds good to me. They could be the best of friends.
(11:15:06) Sen'Nuk: even though she's technically a slave..
(11:15:11) Sen'Nuk: I wonder how that would work XD
(11:15:28) Sen'Nuk: need to talk to a mod about that... Who's mod for Rynmere?
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A Life Journal

Postby Sinnammyn » Thu Jun 02, 2016 8:06 pm

(20:00:32) ChatBot: Daliane_Andaris logs into the Chat.

(20:00:54) Sinnammyn: Hi Dali
(20:01:50) Daliane_Andaris: Pm'd ya.

(20:02:02) Sinnammyn: DALI

(20:02:08) Sinnammyn: YOU'RE AN EFFING GENIOUS!

(20:02:21) Sinnammyn: I can still use my story this way!

(20:02:25) Sinnammyn: OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG

(20:02:30) Sinnammyn: *runs in circles*

(20:03:24) Sinnammyn: ANNND he can have found her when he was younger! And i can make her younger and omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgom​gomg MY BRAIN IS IN Ecstasy right now!

(20:03:40) Sinnammyn: *Squeals hard core*

(20:04:02) Sinnammyn: Or helll... he could find her now! *gasps*
(20:04:09) ChatBot: Daliane_Andaris has been logged out (Timeout).

(20:04:16) ChatBot: Daliane_Andaris logs into the Chat.

(20:04:16) Sinnammyn: Le cry
(20:04:44) Daliane_Andaris: XD

(20:05:38) Sinnammyn: I like this idea

(20:05:49) Sinnammyn: And i think I can still give her a good backstory

(20:06:26) Sinnammyn: Ef my beautiful life!
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A Life Journal

Postby Sinnammyn » Sat Jun 04, 2016 1:51 am

A Curious Soul, Lost in the World
Her parent's kept telling her she wasn't ready to go outside the tiny city limits. She was still growing, and hadn't learned everything she needed to know to be able to go out there on her own. And neither of them would be able to go out there with her just as a day trip. She wasn't ready for the dangers that lay in wait. Not with her abilities. Fight after fight, Sinna lost the arguement, no matter the reasoning she gave that she should be able to travel outside the protection of the city boundaries.

She wasn't about to back down though. When both of her parent's were busy, she took off, giving the guards the explanation that there was a flower that was just beyond the border that she wanted to get the petals from for her mother. That little white lie, turned out to be her biggest mistake.

Sinna's plan had just been to explore the world outside, even just a little, but before she knew it. The suns had gone down and she'd most certainly gone to far. Loosing her way.

Unable to get back home, she was at a loss as to what to do. Her parent's must be worried sick. Shaking with fear as she tried to travel on the highest grounds she could. The world darkened. She couldn't see anything. How far away had she gone? Should she have stayed put? Probably, but staying put made her an even easier target yes? She had to keep moving. But as she kept moving she had found a human path.

Now she'd done it, she was too far from Megani now. She knew that much. Because everyone said that going anywhere near the human road was dangerous without a Sev'ryn friend. But what else could she do but follow it? She didn't know the way home. She would just have to go on a journey. A journey to find a new home. Because staying in place was bad, and moving was bad as well.

Before she went too far, she made herself two makeshift pouches, one bigger and one smaller, just in case she could find items to store, like a few pebbles that she could use to throw at threats, and maybe some food that could be saved like seeds and such.

She listened for the sound of water, that being her only life line out here, whenever she could, she would stop by a rivulet, or even a small patch of mud. Water of any kind would be good right now. She was trying to take care of herself as best she could. With little do defend herself with, she rested when she could in abandoned mouse homes, and sometimes even joined mice in their homes if they allowed her.

And what she could find for food, she would get it. She even ate some grass seeds and even berries that had fallen to the ground. She saved what she could in her pack and ate the minimal amount that she could to survive for now.

She had a few scares, almost getting run over by a carriage when she crossed a human road. Being targeted by a Praying Mantis, and almost getting caught by it's pincers. And on multiple occations almost getting stepped on by larger animals.

And there was one time that she was running scared, screaming at the top of her lungs as she was being chased by a snake, she tried to climb up a tree to get away from it, but it was slithering up after her. That was, until a human came out of nowhere and cut it's head off. She looked up, hoping it was one of her Sev'ryn betheren, but before she could make a sound she was picked up and thrown into a rucks sack "Let me out! Let me out!" She screamed in Xanthea. Her cries seeming to be unheard. Maybe they didn't understand the language?! Where was she being taken!? Sobs escaping her as she curled up in a ball. She was lost, afraid, and now she had no idea where she was being taken. Was she going to be tortured? Studied? Forced to work? She sobbed more and more as she was throw roughly into the back of a carriage. That was, until she was knocked out by the bumpy ride. Completely unaware of the future that lay in wait for her.


The Breaking of a Lost Soul

Unsure how long it was after she'd been knocked out, she'd found herself in a latticed cage, surrounded by exotic animals and other Tunawa and even larger people. Every one of these being's in this... dark.. dank place, was caged up in their own cages and kept apart from eachother. She shrank into a small ball in her own cage. She had been caught, and imprissoned? Did that mean she was now going to end up as someone's toy? A slave to work with her hands until she wither's away. With no hope of seeing her parents? Probably. The worst of it all, everything seemed to be swaying.

It took a while, but she realized she was on the Great Waters. Something insurmountable by any normal Tunawan means. When they reached land. Her cage was covered, larger beings had their eyes blindfolded. It was a rough ride yet again. And then it all stopped. She wasn't being handled, and she wasn't swaying. They must have finally reached their destination.

Nothing around her made sense, not even the words of the other species. And her Tunawan brother's and sister's wouldn't even talk. But she still had hope. She would find a place to belong at least. She wished she could go back home, but she didn't know the way. That thought was the only thought that brought tears to her eyes.

At any other given time, she was making bird song, or just singing period. It did seem to make the days go by better. And she did get a berry or two a day and enought water to have every few trials. These slavers, as she had deducted after seeing a few money to being transactions, at least new how to take care of their charges to make them more valuable.

More valuable, maybe if she made herself look like she wasn't valuable? But how could she do that. Maybe she should act crazy? Wild? None of that seemed to work for the others that had fallen to that same tactic. She would sigh after coming to the conclusion it would do her no good no matter what she did.

About the time she was about to give up on the fact that she might actually get out of this slaver's grasp, into the room came a little girl human girl, with a man that might have been her father. "Choose whichever toy you want sweety. Daddy will take care of the rest." Said the man in a language tha that Sinna didn't understand. She moved foreward in her cage though, watching the little girl move through the room. Who was smiling as she looked at the different cages. Saying words and shaking her head in a gesture that looked like 'no'. That was. Until she stopped in front of Sinna's cage.

Sinna reached out of her cage towards the girl. As if in plea to get her out of there. The slaver yelled in a warning tone, and Sinna jumped and scooted the the back of her cage. Sinna shaking and starting to ball up, fighting back her tears. This might be her last chance in a long while. But there was nothing she could do if they didn't choose her.

What surprised her is what happened next. There was a commotion, the girl jumping up and down and pointing at her cage. Sinna's eyes widened. Wanted! The girl must want her yes, the tone of her voice was a happy and excited one. And the man, the girls father had come over to Sinna's cage and looked inside. She stood up in her cage and gave the smallest of smiles, reaching to him, but not outside the cage.

The man raised an eyebrow, and then stood up straight and let the little girl come back over to the cage. Her little hand reaching out and putting her hand on the cage. Sinna smiled and moved forward and let her hand set softly on the little girls palm, right in the middle. The girl gasped and giggled, which made Sinna smile even more.

Maybe being owned wouldn't be so bad. Though she would most deffinitely have to learn this language they seemed to be talking. She knew a few words, only because they'd been used so much in her presence.

Sinna watched as the slaver grunted when the man requested her. There were a few words in the next sentence, "This one is unable to speak common language. She's very new, freshly caught, and unusually calm. Most Tunawa like her tend to try and fight their way out. So with that it is hard to know what her name is. You can try and ask her but I've had no luck." The slaver walked over with a small amount of string before unlocking her cage door and grabbed her roughly, before freeing her arms and tying them together. When her put her down on her feet she just stood there.

Which kind of shocked all the big folk around her. She had no where to run too. She didn't know where home was. She was a lost soul. There was nothing she could do about that. Not at this point anyways. She would need another Tunawa to take her home, but she highly doubted she could find one with enough sense of direction to get them home. Especially after that trip over the Great Waters.
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A Life Journal

Postby Sinnammyn » Tue Jun 28, 2016 11:45 pm

Writing ideas for Sinna? still in the works

(23:26:12) Sen'Nuk: welp...
(23:26:20) Sen'Nuk: sinna's only got 2 threads...
(23:26:43) Sen'Nuk: and the second thread.. the day after the first thread... she already has a concussion...
(23:26:47) Sen'Nuk: XD
(23:26:58) Sen'Nuk: so i don't know how many days she's going to be out of it XD
(23:27:13) Lapis: tunawa can get cuncussions :P
(23:27:47) Sen'Nuk: *she shrugs* i figured if they get hard enough.. and i figure they can feel pain too. *She shrugs*
(23:28:01) Lapis: yah no that works
(23:28:16) Lapis: I'll keep that in mind when playing Niv
(23:28:29) Sen'Nuk: lol something never explored so.. we'll see what happens XD
(23:29:03) Lapis: I had niv get attacked by an owl and thrown against a tree, she was all cut up and was kind just annoyed :P
(23:29:09) Sen'Nuk: though.. my rp partners for Sinna haven't... posted...
(23:29:12) Lapis: stupid owl >_>
(23:29:32) Lapis: mine are talking a while too I think most people are busy
(23:29:39) Sen'Nuk: i still am trying to figure out if sinna could find a niche for a job?

(23:30:14) Lapis: you don't need to give Sinna a job
(23:30:20) Lapis: she can just live in the trees

(23:31:03) Sen'Nuk: ahahaha to feed her bird on a regular basis.. she's going to need money
(23:31:10) Sen'Nuk: she has a Hawk
(23:31:18) Sen'Nuk: who she's still working on training
(23:31:29) Jedith: The hawk can feed itself
(23:31:35) Jedith: If not in a city
(23:31:39) Lapis: I thought lapis needed a job but he didn't.
(23:31:43) Sen'Nuk: Andaris
(23:31:52) Lapis: yah aren't talks typically wild creatures
(23:32:05) Lapis: hawks*
(23:32:10) Sen'Nuk: Hawks typically are...
(23:32:18) Sen'Nuk: but she bought one
(23:32:26) Lapis: okay fair enough
(23:32:34) Sen'Nuk: lol
(23:32:38) Jedith: Sen
(23:32:42) Lapis: what do you like writing for sinna
(23:32:47) Jedith: Do some hunting threads
(23:32:51) Jedith: With your hawk
(23:32:52) Sen'Nuk: yes Jed?
(23:33:04) Jedith: It can get dinner, and you can get mount Exp
(23:33:14) Jedith: Or flying Exp in your case
(23:33:20) Sen'Nuk: ... hmmm.. that means i need to find Sinna a weapon
(23:33:22) Sen'Nuk: mount
(23:33:27) Sen'Nuk: they gave me mount
(23:33:48) Jedith: The hawk is what does the hunting
(23:33:55) Jedith: You just got to ride
(23:33:56) Sen'Nuk: OH! I still have Her memory threads to do!
(23:34:05) Lapis: you ride and train it to do hunting
(23:34:08) Sen'Nuk: Sinna can barely control her bird
(23:34:25) Jedith: ^
(23:34:32) Lapis: do you have any other ideas
(23:34:32) Sen'Nuk: bird took a 30 min fly in the wrong direction
(23:34:57) Lapis: you'll be a bad hunter, but a hunter
(23:34:59) Sen'Nuk: and so it tacked on an hour to their trip XD
(23:35:09) Sen'Nuk: XD
(23:35:14) Sen'Nuk: this is true too..
(23:35:34) Lapis: but you gotta pick a job you like writing
(23:35:44) Jedith: Sen, you ever read Willow?
(23:35:50) Sen'Nuk: ... *notes to self to write this stuff down in Sinna journal*
(23:35:55) Jedith: Or seen the movie?
(23:35:58) Sen'Nuk: Read willow? uh.. what?
(23:36:38) Jedith: I'm asking, because of weapon ideas for your super tiny character :D
(23:37:27) Jedith: Willow was a book writen by George Lucus and another guy that got turned into a movie
(23:37:45) Sen'Nuk: i was thinking like needle or something
(23:38:00) Sen'Nuk: that she found on the ground *She shrugs*
(23:38:17) Jedith: Wolf fangs
(23:38:24) Jedith: Fashened into swords
(23:38:58) Jedith: One of the brownies had two swords done that way
(23:39:29) Jedith: The otherone had a bow made from mapple twigs
(23:39:49) Jedith: Maple*
(23:39:58) Jedith: Used thorns for arrows
(23:40:19) Sen'Nuk: well.. she does have field crafting
(23:40:21) Sen'Nuk: ... hmmm
(23:40:38) Sen'Nuk: maybe... ohhhhh... if she can ever get back to desnind..
(23:40:42) Sen'Nuk: *Gasps*
(23:40:46) Sen'Nuk: but...
(23:40:56) Sen'Nuk: she doesn't really want to go back.. *she frowns*
(23:41:23) Jedith: Sen she doesn't have to go back there.
(23:41:30) Jedith: To get weapons
(23:41:39) Lapis: use a fork as a trident
(23:41:54) Sen'Nuk: no no
(23:42:07) Sen'Nuk: i was thinking with her skills she could open up a weapon shop
(23:42:29) Sen'Nuk: though they might make her learn fletching and such as well
(23:42:41) Sen'Nuk: .. *doesn't really know what Field crafting entails*
(23:42:58) Lapis: it basically survival
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A Life Journal

Postby Sinnammyn » Sat Jan 13, 2018 3:51 am

For Sinnammyn, from Djinn/Oliver

Date Stamp

Your words go here.

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[googlefont=Bellefair]Your words go here.[/googlefont][/style2][/style]
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A Life Journal

Postby Sinnammyn » Sat Jan 13, 2018 5:05 am

Date Stamp

Your words go here. I'm just testing some things to see if it smoothly transfers over to just the plain color, this might be too skinny really for a post.... but we're trying it out anyways because that's what i want to do. and yeah.. Idk..
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A Life Journal

Postby Sinnammyn » Sat Jan 13, 2018 5:25 am

Date Stamp

Your words go here.
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