Southern Idalos

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    Home to Audrae and the race of Naerikk, Augiery is a densely populated city that places a strong focus on sexist ideals. Women are free within the city where they preside over the male slave population. Only a small glimmer of hope provided to those that battle in the arena seems to keep the peace.
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    Known as the City in the Trees, Desnind is a town bustling in its own way. The locals follow odd customs, and the visitors are never quite sure if they're visiting the same city as they were last time. It's home to the Immortal of Life, Moseke, as well as most of the Sev'ryn.
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    A fledgling society formed atop the roots of the mangroves covering the Shimmering Gulf that acts as a sanctuary to all its inhabitants and a rare home for the Mer where they can live alongside the dryland species. It struggles to maintain its peaceful atmosphere under racial tensions and the magical interferences of the Moors, and whatever resides there.
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    Home to the ellune, Oscillus is a frozen land that contains pockets of civilization. The brutality of the sub-zero winds does nothing to break the resilience of the natives of Oscillus as they determinedly battle against all odds to revive their beloved Treid.
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