The World of Idalos
"We can exist here just as a piece of creation or as the source of creation. This is the choice we need to make." - Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev

Long ago there was an earth ruled over by spirits and wild hearted beasts. It was a beautiful and untouched world. That was, until the Originals came. With blood and war, the beings who most would call gods claimed this world. To solidify their grasp on the world they created the Immortals before shattering. These were the undisputed rulers, the inheritors of the world now that the true rulers had been driven out by Original hands. Each one held complete power over their own domains. They were beings who together could do just about anything, except kill each other. They were all powerful and unkillable. Fate has never been kind though. Humanity came to change that.

Welcome to the world of Idalos, a role-playing website where you get to craft the story. Nothing in this world in unchanging, and this site takes that idea to heart. Your stories are your own to tell. They are limitless and completely yours, be they epic tales or bitter sweet memories. With a very large and very active player base you’ll never be at a loss for companions and moderators are always standing by to try and make the site amazing as it can possibly be. With lovingly crafted cities, lore, skills, and more to make the world feel truly alive. Adventure through an endless world with endless story possibilities, all at the end of your fingertips. Perhaps you’ll take over a city? Ride a dragon? Kill what amounts to a god? This tale is yours to tell!

Enjoy your stay, and do try not to die.
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Players, please remember that the minimum word requirement for a thread is 1500 words. If you do not write to this limit, you will not get your rewards. Plain and simple. - Jade

• New Updates •

Hi there players! I've made a couple of tweaks to the layout. The first change I've made is reorganizing the information under the 'STANDING TRIALS' logo, while also adding drop down menus within the drop down menu for your convenience. This will help you access information faster so you don’t have to spend so much time looking. Due to this, I’ve done away with the header bar as I felt having it was a bit repetitive. Please let me know if you have any concerns or suggestions via PM. Thank you! ~Jade

• Character Ages •

Be sure to update your character's age in your CS. Lots of players forget to do this!

• Placeholders •

I’ve had a number of players ask me what Placeholders are, their importance on the site, and the difference between them and memory threads. Placeholders are kind of like bookmarkers, where your character’s story has left off but you don’t have the time to finish it before the next chapter (season). They preserve a section of time for when you’re able to write that story. Why is this important? Well if you don’t put down a placeholder, then any additional plots you wanted to fulfill within that season will be lost. You won’t be able to do a ‘Memory Thread’ to recover the stories, so placeholders are important just in case you need them. Memory threads are threads that take place before your character’s start date. Example, if your character was created in Ashan 717 and it is now Vhalar, you are NOT allowed to create a memory thread for Ashan 717. You are allowed to create memory threads up until the start date of your PC, but you cannot create any of these threads after the start date. As for the amount of placeholders on the site--- please try not to spam the board with placeholders. I understand people like to have them just in case, but if you know for a fact you’re not going to be writing in 3 of the 7 topics you created, please delete them. Thanks! ~ Jade

• September 21st •

The 'Select All' feature has been fixed. It now works as it should. Also, Prophet Support Forum topics have been disabled from the Recent Threads listing.

• Site Fixes •

Registration has been fixed now, sorry about that! Also, the avatar placement in PMs has been fixed. Avatars should now show to the right of the message and not the bottom. Still working on the 'select all' feature!

• Contest! •

Join here. ;)

• Banners For ST •

We need banners for that box > Submit them here.

• September 13 •

Hello players! I'm off of my work weekend now and have made some updates to the homepage. First, I've added a drop down menu to 'STANDING TRIALS' up at the top, left corner there. I'll be filling that list in with links in time, but for now I'm trying to figure out what should be there. I've added our Discord Chat link to the homepage as well. I'm still attempting to fix the 'Select All' button, so it won't be too long before that starts to work as well! Thanks for your patience!

9/9/2017 - The dark layout we had didn't get such hot reviews due to the eye ache it made. While I understand white might also be a strain on the eyes, it is more preferred for readers than the dark backgrounds. I've successfully converted the site to this new style. We will be moving from Ajax Chat to Discord while implementing an Activity Check for players, especially nobles. Ajax chat will not be available currently. If you have any questions or find a glitch/bug/something that doesn't fit right with the layout, please feel free to PM Jade. Thanks!

9/8/17 - Want your banner on the front page of the site? Feel free to submit one here!

9/8/17 - Jade begins construction on new style.

9/8/17 - Announcements will go here! Also links to Announcements will go here!
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    Idalos, a land dominated by the presence of Immortal beings that wage war against one another. Shaped by pain, by love, and by history, the people of Idalos struggle each day to withstand the trials they face. Will they live to see tomorrow? Will they fight for the peace they deserve? Join in the plot with your character and explore this vast and chaotic world.
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    Here you can find all sorts of global events that everyone can participate in. Sometimes the events will be geared toward OOC while other times they will involve IC RP.
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    This section is for Character Sheets specifically. Please make sure to read over the starting guides, rules, and the lost history information before completing a character sheet.
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  • No unread posts The Character Workshop
    The Workshop provides a space for players to discuss and develop new character concepts with community input, repair and overlook characters who have met with circumstances that make their gameplay difficult by receiving feedback from fellow players, or honor and wrap up the story lines of characters who have met their ends and resolve the loose ends left behind by their untimely departure from the game.
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    Players can use this forum as a way of connecting with other players for roleplaying purposes whether it's for finding friends for your character, family members, group members, etc.
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    A forum for players interested in creating factions and character owned businesses.
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    Here is a list of guides when it comes to starting out, what skills are available, and how to play. This section will have things added to it frequently so please check back often.
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    In this section, players can learn how to construct their own post templates for their roleplays. Inside is a list of BBCode available on the site as well as how to use it. If anyone needs any help with developing a template, feel free to hop into chat or PM someone for assistance.
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    A section where players can submit ideas to be incorporated into the Standing Trials world and storyline.
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